A plan for success could never miss D.S.A.R.

To plan for success sounds easy, and it is, but as humans, we use to mess up with ourselves too much. When you start to Google on “plan for success,” you will find thousands of different ideas and advice. No-one can judge and say which information is useful and which one is wrong. In fact, all are good if they contain a D.S.A.R. configuration.

So, what the heck is D.S.A.R.? Don’t worry, it will all be revealed in detail further down. But first thing first, and before even start to talk about a plan for success, you must define what success really is.

What could be a success for you, not necessarily is a success for somebody else. We all have different visions and values in life, and nobody can put the finger on a specific keyword and claim that it is the ultimate definition of success.

The closest definition of success that I can find is the following statement made by Deborah Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer of Citibank.

“Success is not having to describe what’s been accomplished….others do it for you.”

With such an intangible definition of success, it all boils down to what does success really mean to you.

Plan for Success with D.S.A.R.

Plan for Success with D.S.A.R.

A lot is written about it. Many have tried different things. Whatever plan for success you are trying and succeeding with, it will always contain the following four indispensable pillars.


The most common reason people fail to accomplish with their plan is that a wrong decision is in place. You need to decide what you want and where you want to go. It should not be an “over-a-cup-of coffee” decision but an in-depth and detailed description of what you really want to do.

You should be able to describe in words the principal points in your plan. Once the decision is ready and described in details, you need to test if it really is your decision. Your decision? Yes, in today’s society, it’s quite common that people fall into the trap to go for something that is “cool” for the moment, something induced by a leader in the niche.


The same thing has been said in many different ways, but the truth is that if you want your dream to be real, you must put a deadline to it. A plan for success always counts with a well-defined timeframe. Divide your goal into smaller sub-goals and set deadlines to them.

There exist simple methods to set deadlines that you will stick to. Use them!


Act on your plan for successYour decision and timeline setting are indeed crucial for your success. But without action, the previous steps will remain a theory. To take action on your plan means that you have a plan of action for your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly activities.

When your decision, setting, and action play together, it’s when the magic starts to happen. You achieve results, you fail, and you make corrections. It’s like crossing the ocean on a stormy sea. You know your final destination, but due to variations in the weather conditions, necessary steps of corrections will be required.

This is the beauty of a plan for success. Or, to put it a bot more dramatic: Action taking separate the winners from the losers.


Resolve for successBefore even starting your journey towards your goal, you need to resolve specific essential topics. One topic to determine in advance is that you will persist until you succeed. You will never, ever give up.

This, kind of a pledge, needs to be challenged from all possible angles before you start your project.

A lot of things will happen when in full swing towards your goal. Some stuff is quite common, and you know how to handle them, but other things will be completely unpredictable.

Those cases also need to be covered in a “resolve” test.

Any Plan for Success Follows the Same Procedure

To be successful, you need to follow the same procedure every time. In one of my previous articles, the planning an aviation pilot makes before a flight is given as an example. No matter if a one hour flight or id a flight crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the planning is precisely the same. What varies are the figures and data.

Plan for success follows the same procedureAs an entrepreneur, doing business online, every campaign, and every activity follow the same pattern. A lot of variables can be different, but the frame construction is exactly the same.

My autoresponder, together with the affiliate platform I’m connected to, always are cornerstones in my business. By using these proven shortcuts for my success, I know that the fundamental base still is there when creating something new.

You don’t have to “invent the wheel” every time you are starting a new project.

Now, it’s time for you to create your plan for success. Apply the D.S.A.R. formula, test it, correct, test again, fine tune, and make all the test you need.

Once starting, there is no way back. Your one-way path is set, and you can begin your journey.

If you also have personal freedom, entrepreneurship, and total passion and satisfaction on your dream list. Try the system and platform I’m using. For sure, it will save you time and effort.

Why should you create something you need, if it’s already made for you?


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