If you prepare for retirement, a joyful senior lifestyle will be waiting


To prepare for retirement should follow the same pattern as choosing a career in life. Life, as retired, is not the same as it was 50 years ago. Longevity is changing; people are healthier and much more active than before.

Most baby boomers, as we grown-up people are called, primarily focus on financial planning for their retirement. For sure, it is an essential part of the entire preparation. To have the finances in order is vital for the lifestyle you desire during this second part of your life.

The cruel truth is that many seniors do not have sufficient financial resources to cover the basics as retired. Living your golden years without the necessary funds can lead to depression and other emotional consequences. That is not the way you want to live your life as retired.

With this short introduction, let’s be clear on the importance of a sound financial structure before starting to enjoy your golden years as you deserve. To maximize the quality of your golden years, take a look at the 5 tips below. Everyone should prepare for retirement, and if you do it the right way, this part of your life will be the best.


Prepare for Retirement Together With Your Loved Ones


Prepare for Retirement Together With Your Loved OnesMost people have concrete ideas about how they would like to live their life as a “golden ager.” How to live your life as retired is individual and, at the same time, shared among all baby boomers. Therefore, discussing the topic with your spouse and the rest of the family living with you is crucial.

 By discussing it well in advance, you will have space to examine it from different angles and have a ready-made consensus plan before retirement. It could be everything about activities to do together, like sports and traveling, to the ideal place to live.

 In my case, I started to discuss where to live with my wife well in advance once I retired. We loved where we lived, but I missed the sea and the beach. From bringing it up with my wife and constantly working on it, it took us three years to come to a mutual decision to move to a place close to the sea. We love the place where we are living!

 The place to live is very much dictated by the job during your labor life. Avoid friction in your gained freedom as retired by completely agreeing on where to live. 


Nurture Your Social Network 

Nurture Your Social Network 

Most of your contacts come from work-related connections during your active labor life. Some are just connections needed to fulfill your working mission, while other contacts can turn into friendships.

The sad thing, but unfortunately a reality, is that many colleagues won’t be interested in a continued friendship once you turn into an ex-employee now entering the gang of retired people. You often have to wait until your retirement to figure out who your real friends are among your colleagues. Based on my own experience, I’ll tell you that this group of real friends is a tiny small group of people. 

The importance of creating a social network outside your labor frames cannot be emphasized enough. Your spouse is facing the same issue. By finding joint friends from both sides, the probability of achieving a solid social network as retired is high.


To Prepare for Retirement Includes Finding Your New Life Purpose


To Prepare for Retirement Includes Finding Your New Life PurposeLet’s be honest: the primary purpose of thirty-five or maybe forty years of hard work is to earn an income for you and your family. From day one of your retirement, you need to have another reason to get up early in the morning.

Before retiring, think about the different interests you have and would like to develop further. Think about it, you will fill up at least 40 hours per week with something else, as your work for many years now belongs to history.

Suppose you belong to a group of people who have many interests to choose from. In that case, the most challenging job will be to decide which one to eliminate if you don’t have the time or resources to practice them all.

Many seniors start to do volunteer jobs to fulfill their desire to be of benefit to society. Also, many begin some kind of part-time job. With the digitalization of the world, opportunities are enormous. Further down, read more of this topic under “Work and Prepare for Retirement but All on Your Terms” further down.

Whatever path you take, it’s all about staying wealthy even when retired.


Prepare for Retirement with Routines and Structure


Prepare for Retirement with Routines and StructureThe first days of retirement will be like well-deserved vacations. That’s fine. You deserve it! But, quite soon, when life falls into routine and habit mode, it’s essential to organize your life.

Of course, it’s nice not to have to wake up to an alarm signal but avoid being pushed into a sort of laziness. If you’re a typical morning person, get out of bed and put on the coffee as usual. Belonging to the group of people who “hates” early mornings, try to get up not too late, get your coffee, and start your day.

Can you notice by now how important it is to dedicate time to your various interests? It will be your reason and driver to get up in the morning. Maybe you share interests with your spouse and your social network. Try to organize to do things together on a daily or weekly basis. It will help you to be accountable and not skip the planned activities.


Work and Prepare for Retirement but All on Your Terms


Prepare for Retirement but All on Your TermsMany prepare for retirement by working fewer hours than usual or taking a long time off before cutting the ties entirely with their employer. It will give you time to test various ways of living and find something that fills your life with meaningfulness.

Many continue to work into their 60ths or 70ths just to have something meaningful to do. Then there is the same group of people who has to work after 65 to survive. The outcome is the same, but the reasons are completely different. Every individual has a different situation to confront.

Whatever your reason might be, it’s essential to love what you do. You should enjoy every minute of your retired life. There is no place for suffering or sacrifices at this point in life.

Two years before retiring completely, I started my online business part-time. Belonging to the huge group of complete newbies regarding Internet businesses and all kinds of digital activities, I dared to try it out.

The reason for taking the step outside my comfort zone can be summarized with the 5 following bullet points:

  • No previous experience is needed to start a profitable Internet business
  • No product needed
  • Totally part-time adapted
  • Access to the fastest growing exclusive private online communities
  • Access to over 10,000 training courses


Do you dare?

Before even starting my retirement, my business was up and running. The feeling of having your own business rolling from day one of your golden age period in life changed everything. You can travel like you want without any time restrictions. With your laptop and Internet connection, you can literally do business from anywhere.

What I call the Golden Age Lifestyle is something every single person deserves. Wherever you are on your life journey, check my website and get more meat on your bones. You will find all information you will need to prepare for retirement in the best way.

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