Prepare your New Year’s resolution now for a different 2024


It’s that time of the year again, and New Year’s resolutions start to go around in your head. You may have a significant promise to accomplish during next year, but the same old stuff pops up again. You know what I mean: Losing weight, eating healthier, gym training, changing jobs… well, the list can be nearly endless.

What about making something different this year? To prepare your New Year’s resolution before Christmas could be the change you have been searching for.

The truth is that the holidays this time of the year are stressful. Obligations with family and friends, gift-shopping, it’s hard to find time for yourself. It will be different this year, and planning out and preparing your New Year’s resolution will make it all different and improve your chances of success.


Prepare Your New Year’s Resolution with a Different Approach

Prepare Your New Year's Resolution with a Different ApproachYour New Year’s resolutions are more likely to succeed if crafted with intention rather than as a knee-jerk reaction to the “resolution season.”

To help you craft better resolutions, here are five reasons why it makes sense to prepare your goals ahead of time:


True wish

A genuine wish is something that you want to do but have not yet done. It is a goal or dream you have been thinking about for some time but have yet to act on. You may have even spoken about it with others but never made any real progress towards achieving it.

If you are wondering how to find your true wish, allow me to offer some suggestions:

  • Ask yourself what was the most fun thing that happened in 2023. What did I enjoy doing? What gave me energy and joy?
  • If there were no limits on how much money could be made by doing what I love doing most (and who wouldn’t want unlimited cash flow), what would I choose as my career path or business idea?


Set your intentions

 A resolution is an intention. It’s a decision to do something; in many cases, it’s a promise you make to yourself. Resolutions are often made at the beginning of the year because they’re an excellent time to reflect on how you want your life to be different than last year- but they can be challenging to keep!

There are many ways that people set their intentions, but here are four tips for making sure yours stick:

  • Set one intention per day (or week). This can help keep things manageable and remind us why we’re doing this in the first place. If there’s more than one thing on your mind right now, try writing them down in order from most important all the way down until all of those big goals have been addressed satisfactorily.
  • Write out each resolution so that it feels authentic rather than just something abstract floating around in space somewhere between our brain cells.
  • Ensure those resolutions stay secret until after Christmas so nobody knows about them before then! You don’t want any pressure to weigh down upon yourself before even starting.
  • Share with others only when ready; remember: no pressure whatsoever! Just enjoy being able to talk openly about plans without worrying too much about whether or not they’ll actually come true someday soon….

By using the S.M.A.R.T. method, your chances to succeed will increase substantially.


Accomplish your resolution

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of the holidays. Still, you must remember your

resolutions. If you’re planning on making a resolution this year (and why wouldn’t you?), then here are some tips on how to make sure your goal becomes a reality:

  • Make a list of everything that needs to happen before accomplishing your goal. This will help keep track of all the small steps involved and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Break down each step into smaller pieces so they’re more manageable and more straightforward for yourself or others around you to accomplish. For example, if one part of my New Year’s resolution is becoming healthier by exercising more often (which it is), then I could break this down into three achievable tasks: 1) sign up at my local gym; 2) start going regularly after work every day; 3) increase my speed/intensity when working out over time until I’m able to run faster than ever before! The key here is being realistic while still staying optimistic–and having fun along the way!


Practice period

The practice period is vital to the New Year’s resolution process. It allows you to test your resolution and see if it will work for you before committing fully.

The length of your practice period should be at least two weeks in total (including Christmas). This is because during this time, it’s natural for people to be distracted by holiday festivities and family gatherings–it would be difficult for anyone not to be!

So, make sure that any changes or adjustments are made before those distractions begin.

Once again, the goal here isn’t perfection; rather than trying to achieve everything simultaneously, focus on practicing one thing at a time until it becomes second nature.

For example, if my goal were

“I want my house clean,”

then, instead of tackling every room in one day (and likely getting overwhelmed), I’d start with just one room–say my living room–and work on cleaning that section every day until it gets done perfectly before moving on to another area like washing dishes or putting clothes away neatly into drawers instead of throwing them haphazardly onto shelves without folding them properly first.


Backup plan

 Your New Year’s resolutions will be effective with a backup plan. You need to be prepared with a backup plan in case your first resolution doesn’t work out or if life gets in the way of accomplishing it.

The best backup plans will help you achieve your resolutions more easily and quickly. For example, one of your resolutions is to lose weight and get healthier by eating better. In that case, the best backup plan might be joining an online fitness community where people can support each other and share healthy recipes (and maybe even exchange recipes). Suppose someone finds themselves stuck on their diet because they don’t know what else they can eat besides salad all day (or whatever). In that case, there will always be someone else who has been through this before who can offer advice on navigating through those tough times!


Prepare Your New Year’s Resolution Differently 2024

Many different sources confirm the same: Only 8% of people achieve the goal of their New Year’s resolution. There can be many other reasons behind but failing on any of the five reasons explained above is absolutely something to consider.

Mentality setting is another (and this is a huge one) important reason to explain why you eventually will belong to the group of 92% who fail with your New Year’s resolution.

Do there exist tools to prepare your New Year’s resolution easier?

Sure, it does, and in this video, you will get my sincere recommendation.

Here is the link to the program mentioned in the video:

We are now in mid-December, and you already have some goals in mind for 2024. In previous years you have waited until the last day of the year to settle the goals for the year to come.

This year, it will change, and you will take action now!

Click the box below to prepare your New Year’s resolution for 2024.

Prepare you New Year's Resolution for 2024


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