The present you could give yourself this Christmas to change your life


A present you could give yourself sounds selfish the first time you read it. At this time of the year, we are accustomed to finding the “perfect” Christmas gift for our loved ones. We are programmed to give in these holiday times, which is a good tradition. But one thing doesn’t necessarily replace the other.

To find peace and harmony is a common goal for most people, especially with such a turbulent time we have gone through and probably will have to face also the next year. Why should you then avoid finding peace and harmony for yourself as well?

Where I’m heading with this intro?

Well, I think you agree when listing some of the intangible gifts that you can give to yourself and that you indeed deserve:

  • Be happy
  • Listening more to other people
  • Smiling much more
  • Courage to be authentic and vulnerable
  • Be self-compassionate

This is nothing Santa would give you, nor it’s something you can purchase. Whatever you can spin off from this guesswork, in one way or another, freedom will always pop up as something occupying your wish list. Already seven years ago, when starting my blog, I had articles about this important topic.


Path to financial freedom

It has been said many times in many different forums that money isn’t all in life. Probably you agree with that, but as Warren Buffet once said (with a touch of humor)… 

“Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such nonsense.”

Financial freedom is something we all would like to have. Don’t you agree? Here are some examples of how to achieve it:

  • Marry a rich person
  • Win the lottery
  • Generosity by a rich friend
  • Inheritance from a wealthy relative
  • Doing something illegal (something I definitely won’t recommend)
  • Etc.

Have you got enough of all my stupid suggestions?

Then, it’s time to put your feet on the earth and check out the recommended paths, culminating in the best present you could give yourself.

It’s not a quick scheme but a step-by-step method where you need to take one step backward before taking two, three, or multiple steps forward.

Here are the steps “backward,” which, in fact, just are measures to get in control of your own financial situation:

  • Lower your expenditures below your current level
  • If possible, migrate to a lower loving cost pattern
  • Focus all the time on the income/expenditure equation. Don’t stop until you have at least a stable $500 monthly surplus

That’s it. Not so dramatic, right?


A new path to go

Now comes the progressive and positive side of the coin. However, the progressive steps will not work for you before the hard work to control your financial situation. It would be like curing a severe disease with aspirin. You will erase the short-term pain, but the illness will continue and even kill you in the worst scenario.

When all is “cleaned up,” you have the true, solid financial freedom you will achieve by investing. There are many ways to invest your money to get a positive rate of return. It could be a real estate business, bitcoins, investment in stocks, currencies…well, the list can go on.

Whatever your choice, you MUST have a passion for what you’re going to do. Without loving what you’re going to do from now on, you will fail; that’s a promise!

With your experience, knowledge, and skills, you will always be able to define your unique passion. That passion will be your leading star, and it’s time to find a way to monetize it.


Time to Prepare the Best Present You Could give Yourself

  Prepare the Best Present You Could give YourselfEarlier, such a desire to earn money from what you love to do typically would cost a fortune. It could be a franchise business or something you build by yourself, requiring huge investment capital to be possible to launch.

Those times are gone, and today every single individual on earth can make the life dream come true by investing money that doesn’t exceed the cost of a dinner at your favorite restaurant.

What about canceling the next restaurant visit and using the money for the best present you could give yourself?

The Modern Wealthy method is finally here to let people like you make your dream come true and find that financial freedom you have been searching for.

It’s a win-win thing. It will probably be the cheapest of all Christmas gifts you’re going to buy this year. Check here to get an example of what people are achieving.

One of the essential ingredients to true financial freedom is to create something generating passive income. What does that mean? Well, again, Warren Buffet explains it straightforwardly.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

 In less than a week, the holidays are here. You will have a nice time together with family and friends. This year the best Present you could give to yourself can change your life forever.

You deserve it! Your family will congratulate you. Win-win, peace, and love!

Happy Holidays!

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