To be a highly productive baby boomer isn’t something expected by the younger generations.

You were born, education, career, earning money, retire, but not so many expect you to be a highly productive baby boomer as you get older.

Carol Louise Mayer, author, artist and baby boomer, or as she labels herself, a rambling baby boomer. Officially retired 2001 but then starting something that had been a desire for her since time back.

One of her more notable statement is the following:

“How can the younger generation possibly navigate their life without the knowledge, insight, and wisdom from those who have made the journey before them?”

I use to read her blog Live Love Laugh with Carol now and then. It gets my attention that her special style and approach to monetizing her passion via her blog, by linking to various websites and so on.

A Rambling And Productive Baby Boomer

A rambling and productive baby boomer
A rambling and productive baby boomer

Her passion for art has turned into a business approaching people with a particular profile. As a rambling but productive baby boomer, I would say that the somewhat sharp writing style differs her blog posts from most of the rest. And even if belonging to the upper age baby boomers her writing also attracts younger audiences. Or as she says in the presentation of her book:

“What they need (the younger generation) is some elder perspective.”

In “The Ramblings Of An Aging Baby Boomer”, you’ll get this point of view.

In the United States today there are approximately 76 million baby boomers which roughly corresponds to 20% of the U.S. population. The general living trends and raised level of health the last decades will keep an increased percentage of the baby boomers proactive, not only by traveling around the world, playing golf and doing other outdoor activities, but also be involved in different kinds of businesses.

Some will create their own business for fun and continue on their terms. It’s a habit they have been accustomed to during their whole life. Other people will search for business opportunities to compensate for the occurred income gap when retired from the labor world.

The third group of people will combine both, and the need of being active is important. Further, some extra income will not hurt.

A New Senior Lifestyle

Lifestyle as a productive baby boomer
Lifestyle as a productive baby boomer

As a productive baby boomer, it is important to be aware of what the new life as retired will imply.

Some decades ago the life pattern was different, and as a 50+ individual, you entered into a more passive lifestyle. Today it’s the opposite. In my article “How Do You Start Your Life Over at 50+” , published on June 17, 2016, the new path for boomers is laid out, and you’ll find the frame for being a more productive baby boomer.

The digital world has changed the conditions dramatically for all boomers already retired or to be retired shortly. The freedom is there. A laptop and the Internet and you are connected. At this point in life, you are not very interested in investing heavily in a new business. The online business allows you to start up your own business with a ridiculously low start up cost.

Even if today’s productive baby boomer knows a lot more than managing their Facebook account, the most common fear is the technical part. That part will be taken care of by serious companies by offering a completely automated platform and complemented with a complete training package.

After a long and productive life, now it’s time to become a productive baby boomer on your terms.

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