Do the right questions to Santa Claus, and you’ll get the correct answers


The questions to Santa Claus have always been a curious entertainment. There are tons of awesome questions about Santa Claus made by children worldwide.

As parents, we see this more as an entertaining and fun spectacle while our kids still believe in Santa. This old tradition will always survive as a joyful cultural element in society. With the turbulence and all the drama the pandemic is producing, we will need Santa more than ever this year. This nice guy in red and with a never-failing white beard, no one will be missing.

However, this year, all creative kids’ standard questions will perhaps be with a somewhat different touch. The adult generation might also be interested in bending out some question marks Santa causes us all.


Questions to Santa Claus


Here is a pretend interview with Santa and his answers. As you know, Santa has answers to everything. But the answers might be a surprise for you.


How is the Coronavirus affecting Santa?


Questions to Santa Claus Santa: Being an older and overweight person, I belong to a vulnerable group. It’s essential to be extremely meticulous with sanitization. I need to wash my hands and face several times per day. Wearing a mask is something that is not even an issue to discuss.

Before starting my Christmas journey, I was two weeks in quarantine together with my reindeers. And now, when coming to your home, we need to keep an appropriate distance. No hugs this year.


Does Santa adapt to the new digital world?


Santa adapts to the new digital worldSanta: Fortunately, I have good advisers who told me to adapt to the new digital environment several years ago. My laptop is now my new tool to prepare all my Christmas toys. Manual manufacturing is history. All Christmas presents are ordered from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. The sad side of it is that many of my elves lost their jobs.

The good side is that we could get better and more presents for all kids at a lower cost. But as Santa Claus, I am responsible for looking after all my assistants to earn an income. Therefore we implemented the North Pole a system with a Universal Basic Income.

We are more efficient more productive, and all have an income. All are happy.


What does Santa Claus do during summertime?


What does Sant do during summertimeSanta: Good questions. Before, we had to work the whole year round to prepare for the next Christmas. Now and, thanks to digitalization, I take a lot of time off to discover other things in life. For example, this year, I plan a trip to the South Pole during the summer, as they will have winter when we at the North Pole have summer.

Maybe we can open up a branch at the South Pole to serve the southern hemisphere during Christmas. Do you see all the advantages of digitalization?


Can you help my dad with a new job?


Help my dad with a new jobSanta: It’s not only your dad who lost his job this year with this horrible Coronavirus. More people than “normal” are not facing a new reality. Every country has its own figures, but they all have in common that they are not very optimistic. Millions of people are losing their jobs.

Simultaneously, we can notice that more people than ever in modern times are now searching for opportunities to be independent and rely on their own efforts. The good thing is that everything is prepared. It’s all ready to go. You just need to get your dad to look into all the opportunities out there. He needs to think outside the famous box.

Tell him to check this. Santa Claus recommends it!


Do you earn a lot of money as Santa?


Questions to Santa Claus. Do you earn a lot of money?Santa: Do you know what?

I have never gone after the money.

Santa Claus has a vision and a mission: to make all children (and parents) around the world happy. When you have a mission to serve and help others, you never have to worry about the money. The money will follow you.

After the Questions to Santa Claus, Santa has a Question for You


After this friendly and different talk, what do you wish for your dad or mom who lost their job? What would you like Santa to bring to your brother or sister who just finished University but can’t find a job?

And what do you wish for yourself?

Would a system and a platform that allows you to break free be something on your wish list? Could a solution to letting your life depend on your own efforts be of interest?

The eye-opener to the new digital world and understanding that we are entering a new era where independence, freedom, and a happy lifestyle go hand in hand.

Santa has the latest and the best. It will be yours when it comes to creating a business you will be proud of. You will get for free (it’s Christmas, right) the workshop video series you will need to figure out all you want to know to start your profitable online business from scratch.

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Merry Christmas!


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