To retire is one thing but real retirement is something else


Real retirement, what is that? We all retire someday, and is there any difference between retirement and real retirement? Yes, it is!

In the continuous search for what retirement means, its consequences, and how to deal with it, I recently watched a TED- talk that inspired me for this article. After all, years as retired, Clare Davenport explains exactly how a real retirement should be designed.

 It all starts with what your retirement dream looks like. Too often, that dream and real retirement differ a bit…or a lot.

Most people starting to plan for retirement think about the financial part…only. Of course, it’s a good idea to have your financial situation well established before retiring. Real retirement is much more than just money.

 After a long life in the labor market, that activity that consumed most of your time suddenly disappeared. You are going to change your lifestyle completely. The long working days and tight relationships with colleagues are now just memories of the past. Instead, you will be more connected to your spouse and perhaps to other people you didn’t have so much contact with before.

To go from working to life as retired is a switch that, in many cases, can be brutal.

It’s not about the money if you have looked after that part, but something else. In my article from last week, the other variables besides money are exposed in detail.


Real Retirement is Not a Vacation Mode

Real Retirement is Not a Vacation ModeMany having their financial situation backed up properly, view future retirement as a constant vacation. Of course, you should enjoy life according to your earlier retirement dreams. Still, real retirement is much more than just “vacations.”

As Clare Davenport explains in her Ted-talk, I moved to sunny Acapulco when retiring. Life was like endless vacations for the first couple of weeks, maybe the first months. Long early beach walks together with my wife and enjoying the beach life, in general, was our daily routine. 

But, both have been very active in our pre-retirement lives and started to miss essential pieces to consider our style of living perfectly.

My online business kept me busy, and I could replace my old corporate job with something fulfilling for my life as retired. My mission is to help others in more or less the same situation. I created my own website to be an entrance to what I call the Golden Age Lifestyle.

 My wife joined an online course in art history, which is her big passion. Together knew new people for us to become our friends and now belong to our social circle.

 If you don’t watch out for all the unknown pitfalls when starting your “endless vacations,” depression will be a latent risk, and the abuse of alcohol and drugs will always be lurking around the corner.


Design your R.O.I

I love how Clare Davenport explains her R.O.I formula, where R=Reframe, O=Optimize, and I=Ignite. When learning all about this formula, I got ideas about how everyone can apply the same in their unique and particular life situation.

Watch my video, “Real Retirement and Real Well-Being,” and try it yourself.

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Here are the links to the videos mentioned in the video:

Rethink Retirement – well-being beyond your bank account

ModernWealthy Training Program.

The meaning of retirement changed over the past years. Going back some years, retirement was the period where you stopped working and claimed retirement benefits. Today it’s completely different.


Real Retirement Should Always Include Financial Freedom

Real Retirement Should Always Include Financial FreedomThroughout this article, it’s mentioned repeatedly that money is not all in life as retired. It’s true, but financial freedom makes everything much more accessible. At this stage in life, when retiring is a new life or the life to become your future soon, it’s too late to worry about the savings you never made. 

In today’s digitalized world, all rules of the game have changed. Money, or better, the money you don’t have, is not a definite resolution to live with for the rest of your life. Never before have so many grown-up adults seen online business as a new opportunity to earn that missing money.

This is your opportunity to join the gang and start with your ModernWealthy training. If it turns out to be something that catches your attention and you want to take the next step, that step is to start building your business from scratch.

You will turn your desire into a reality with coaches and a like-minded entrepreneurial community. Join LaunchPad and start to build your online business!

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