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Real wealth is something thousands of people have explained in thousands of different ways. But what is real wealth? Is it about money or something else?

How do wealthy people think?

In today’s world, everything is about money in one way or another. You work 40-something hours per week to get a paycheck at the end of the month. If you go for luxury food or basic cheap stuff when purchasing groceries, it’s principally about money. Where to go on vacation? …money?!

But isn’t real wealth about the freedom to purchase what I want, to spend my vacations wherever in the world I prefer? After all, isn’t it all about money and being rich to have the opportunity to do what brings a lot of value to me?

This last paragraph mentions the five words that make up the “real wealth” formula. We are talking about Real Wealth, Freedom, Money, Rich, and Value.


The Formula for Real Wealth

The Formula for Real WealthDo you remember back in school when you had to solve a mathematical problem like this one: 1+2(3+4*5)? What’s the correct answer: 69, 71,47, 105, or something else?

The correct answer is 47 because it follows a determined mathematical formula. By changing the numbers in the same formula by the words Real Wealth, Freedom, Money, Rich, and Value, the answers can vary a lot, depending on the number you replace the different words.

Using the comparison with a mathematical formula, Real Wealth varies greatly depending on each person’s circumstances. It’s here where too many go wrong and automatically put money equal to wealth. Often, it is, but money is just a tool to eventually becoming wealthy.


Freedom vs Money

 True financial freedom is not about the number in your bank account. It’s about freedom, and let me show you what that indeed looks like:

Financial stability to cover your bills effortlessly, without living paycheck to paycheck.

The confidence to know that even if you have gaps in your career or face layoffs, you can always find another job. Embrace risk-taking and entrepreneurship with the certainty that you can always bounce back.

More time with your loved ones instead of your “work family.” Being present for family dinners and making career decisions to prioritize family time.

 Building income from financial assets, where your investments generate the cash flow you need to have proper financial freedom. Work becomes a choice, not a necessity, and you can say yes to opportunities without worrying about the paycheck.

Discovering the joy of not needing everything you can afford. True wealth is the power to buy luxuries but the discipline to choose not to. It’s about rejecting societal pressures and focusing on what truly matters to you.


Rich vs. real wealth

Getting rich is just a myth. What you truly desire is freedom. When you are free, you have the power to become anyone and make a difference in the world. True wealth is about counting moments, not just money.

Join the movement towards absolute freedom and unlock the unlimited potential that comes with it. Are you ready to embrace a life of real wealth and unstoppable power?


Getting Rich by Providing Value

As you can notice, all these words about freedom, real wealth, rich, and value can vary greatly depending on each individual and the circumstances. The only word that can be labeled with a number is money. One dollar is one dollar and nothing else.

Watch the video and get your “Real Wealth” correctly in place.

Real Wealth - Getting Rich by Providing Value

This is the link mentioned in the video:

Real wealth – let the money work for you

You can view the real wealth formula either as a formula described earlier or as a pyramid. The main issue remains: in which order come the different variables: real wealth, money, freedom, rich, and value?

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