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Starting a recession-proof online business is a topic many are looking deeper into right now. Perhaps you are one of them. But do you have a strategy for a recession-proof business?

When society faces problems not foreseen, the turbulence around it literally shakes the market. Covid-19 and the entire pandemic are like earthquakes in a stable and relatively calm environment.

The war in Ukraine completely changes security around the world. Countries like Finland and Sweden, with militarily neutral traditions, suddenly apply for NATO membership.

When the world is trying to recover from a long period of disasters in various forms, inflation is hitting as icing on the cake.

There is no discussion about whether or not we will see a recession, but rather when it will hit with all its consequences. Many countries are announcing that the upcoming recession will hit us in 2023, and central banks are nervously raising interest rates to prepare for the coming financial environment. It’s like a tsunami coming, but together with a real positive wildcard…

You know it will come and can prepare for it!

There are two types of people:

  1. People with a perception, “Nothing I can do about it.”
  2. People who actively search for, “Let’s see what I can manage, and let’s do it.”

Before continuing, let’s be honest; I have one bad and one good, in fact very good, notice for you.

 If you belong to group number 1, unfortunately, this article isn’t for you.

As you belong to group number 2 (well, you are still reading), the future for you could be the best moment you’ve ever experienced.


Your Recession-Proof Online Business Could be Reality Already Today

Your Recession-Proof Online BusinessAs a proactive person, you have probably already been looking around on the web for suitable alternatives for you. There are thousands of different articles dealing and wheeling with the same topic.

Two fundamental basics can always be detected, no matter what business idea you come across:

  1. No capital or very limited amount of money tied up in fixed assets or inventories
  2. Using online tools to generate revenues and profit

In an earlier article, we discussed general characteristics of how successful people act in times of recession. Read it and refresh your personal skill set, which is much more than what you think.


To which group do you belong?

Never before an online business topic has been so popular as it is today. The go-getters are already doing business online. The next group of people looking into the concept is the one who understands the importance of starting a recession-proof online business to be protected from the upcoming economic downturn.

In the online world, many different business concepts exist. Perhaps you already have a product you would like to promote online. You could be a professional in a specific area, and your knowledge is highly demanded in the market. The hurdle is how to find the customers.

Many with an entrepreneurial mindset have ideas of products in demand in the market. Still, you don’t know how to find the provider or the potential customers. Or, perhaps you belong to a large group of people without product and online marketing knowledge but with a great desire to become independent and create income streams without depending on a specific job or boss.

All these categories of people can dramatically change their lifestyles by creating a recession-proof online business if you only connect to the appropriate system and platform.

And what should that system look like?


Welcome to our online business “restaurant”

Let’s make a metaphorical comparison, which I think can explain it all.

When you visit a restaurant, many different criteria must be fulfilled to get you as their dining guest. We all have different preferences in life, and the same goes for food and how we choose a restaurant. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the menu the restaurant can offer.

Building a recession-proof online business is about the right “menu.” You need an appetizer or entrance dish, opening up the mindset for the main dish. After a well-balanced dinner, a delicious dessert will be like the cherry on the cake.

The “appetizer” or the “entrance dish” on our menu is called Modern Wealthy. It allows you to live the life you have always wanted. You will gain relevant and up-to-date online money-making skills that will enable you to have more time for your family, travel and explore, and do the things you like with people you love while living out your true purpose.

Modern Wealthy Business:

  • Extremely low cost
  • No employees needed
  • Just need a laptop
  • Run it from anywhere
  • Simple and low maintenance
  • Thrives in recession

Recession-proof online business with ModernWealthy


It’s time for the “main dish” – LaunchPad

Together we’ll come up with a market to serve. Find products to promote and launch your online dream business. All this will happen in 30 to 60 days, with you at the helm and heavily supported by professionals in our community.

You will get a six-step-by-step module training to learn how to market and sell virtually any product or service online using an automated authority marketing system.

LaunchPad Business training:

  • Business foundation
  • Business model
  • Your niche & customer avatar
  • Branding & your website
  • Attraction marketing
  • Traffic, leads & sales
  • Follow-along case study

recession-proof online business with LaunchPad


Desert time – autoresponder

Once your online business is up and running, you’ll start to get a flow of potential customers showing interest in what you’re offering. How will you take care of these individuals raising their hands, loudly screaming: “I’m interested!”?

How do modern and successful restaurants act to get satisfied customers back again? They probably ask you to fill in a form where you rate the quality level of their food and service. “By the way,” they probably ask for your email address or phone number, and you will get offers from the restaurant in your inbox or on your cellphone.

Your recession-proof online business will work the same way. To handle a couple of customers isn’t a big deal to do manually, but what to do when you have hundreds or thousands of people to serve?

You need a tool to handle your stock of potential customers automatically. You need an autoresponder. The autoresponder I highly recommend is Aweber. It’s easy to use and is already technically coordinated and synchronized with LaunchPad and Modern Wealthy. 

recession-proof online business with Aweber


Your Recession-Proof Online Business is Ready For Take-Off

Your Recession-Proof Online Business is Ready For Take-OffWith this complete menu description of how you can protect yourself and start your recession-proof online business, there is only one thing to add. No restaurant in the world will offer it!

If you don’t like what you’re ordering for any reason, you will always have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let us know that you don’t want to continue for whatever reason you like, and your money will be refunded immediately.

Aaah, one more thing: as you still are reading this article, the chance is high that you haven’t ordered anything yet. If you belong to this tiny group of people, this is for you:

recession-proof online business with a starter account


It will help remove the guesswork from launching your online dream business through our 4-part introductory video series, plus many other valuable things to hit the ground and start that recession-proof online business you have in mind.

Your online business menu in a nutshell:





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