View a recession toolkit like a life jacket you need when the storm hits


Your recession toolkit should be as natural as fastening your seat belt before driving your car. But most people ignore it and follow the stream by not doing anything until it’s too late.

Do you remember Lehmans Brothers in 2008? This prestigious and reputable financial institution, established in 1850, suddenly went bankrupt.

It all began with the housing market bubble, created by an overwhelming load of mortgage-backed securities bundling high-risk loans. The bankruptcy of Lehmans Brothers was the final happening to go all-in to what has been called “The Great Recession.” 

As Washington Post says, we handle the pandemic fairly well based on lessons from the financial crisis. The creation and production of vaccines happened in historical record time, and the global vaccination campaigns were rolled out with good results.


The history repeats

On the economic and financial side, inflation started to rise. The Russian invasion and war in Ukraine, and the package of sanctions from the western world, created other problems. Altogether, the financial system was moved from its “normal” status.

With uncontrolled inflation, central banks worldwide started an interest rate race not seen before in modern times. Turbulence everywhere in the financial system became evident.

Like a blizzard from a blue sky:

Silicone Valley Bank collapses!

Like a fish stream, where all fishes are heading in the same direction, other banks follow the same pattern. So, Credit Suisse had to be absorbed by its competitive bank UBS, forced by the Suisse Government.

What have we learned from 2008? Well, not much.


Create Your Recession Toolkit Now!

Your Recession ToolkitWhat is your idea and goal in this worldwide and shaky environment?

Will you swim in the same direction as all other fishes toward the next catastrophe?

There are many recipes available about how to act in tough times, but without a toolkit, it stops there, like a “nice thing..”

In the following video, “Recession Toolkit Tailor Made for You,” you will get three simple but straightforward tips on what you can do, starting already today.

Recession toolkit tailor-made for youAfter watching the video, you have two choices:

You can follow the stream and hope this Recession will end soon. Put your head in the sand and cross your fingers that your calculation was correct when you pull your head out of the sand one day.

Here’s the link to the affiliate training program mentioned in the video.

The other way is to take action now and be prepared for whatever storm will appear on the ocean.

If I was on a ship crossing the ocean, knowing that a tremendous storm with bad weather was approaching, and suddenly somebody appeared with an offer of a complete rescue kit for $37, I wouldn’t even try to bargain but just buy the kit.

In today’s economy, with banks collapsing, interest rates going sky high, and central banks fighting with interest rates like Don Quixote de la Mancha, your recession toolkit for $37 is tailor-made for you.

Click the box below and start now!

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