The relationship between passion and success decides your destiny


Have you ever tried to find out the relationship between passion and success? This provocative question will probably initiate a process where you start to think about certain things in life.

It could be that you have already been highly successful on something. But it could also be that you only have had a passion without taking action. Maybe you have been striving for success but failed. The combinations can be many, but the key to unlocking the correct solution is one and only:

The relationship between passion and success is like the brick and the cement; you need both for a solid wall.

Often we read about successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many more. They can be individuals in different niches and with entirely different personalities. Still, they all have at least one thing in common. Their success always is a consequence of what they love to do.

Walt Disney is an excellent example of a perfect relationship between passion and success. As a passionate cartoon producer, he struggled through his early years as an entrepreneur. Failure after failure never stopped him from his love for cartoons and later animated films. The rest is a well-known success story.

No matter who you would like to take as an example as a successful entrepreneur, one thing is for sure. Money is never the driver! In many cases, it’s even the opposite, and those famous entrepreneurs had to fight hard to get their project appropriated financed.


In a Correct Relationship Between Passion and Success Money will Follow You


Correct Relationship Between Passion and SuccessYou often hear that if you only do what you love, the money will follow you. It’s almost true. However, if you, for example, love to eat tacos, most probably no one will pay you for that. It will cost you money, and on top of that, you will be fat.

So, the missing ingredient is the know-how on how to monetize your passion.

Let’s go back to the example of loving to eat tacos. For sure, you will pretty soon be a kind of expert on different tacos. Maybe the combination of ingredients will make an exciting difference. What about starting a blog about tacos? Taco lovers like yourself will be happy to get all types of advice around tacos.

Once your blog becomes an authority in your niche, there will be multiple opportunities to monetize your blog. Your business is up and running, and you continue with your passion for tacos.


Take on your pants before the shoes

When a passion takes over completely, you need to slow down for a moment. You need to translate your passion into something marketable. It can be challenging to put on a sort of break on your passion, but if you try to put on your shoes before the pants, you’ll run into a problem.

Talking in money terms, you need to turn your passion into something people are willing to pay for.

Once you get these two things, your passion and the course towards success, in place, you just have to ride your winning horse. You decide the speed and how to make the journey.


The Shortcut to get Relationship Between Passion and Success Correctly in Place


Relationship Between Passion and Success Correctly in Place So far, it all sounds like a straight path towards your success. Only a decade ago, it was the way to achieve what you wanted. Today you have the privilege to make a faster and much “safer” journey toward your goal.

The usage of available systems and platforms is changing the entire environment for people with an entrepreneurial mindset who search for an excellent relationship between passion and success.

Today you can be part of this tribe of entrepreneurs striving for success.

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