To reprogram your 2020 resolution could give you an extra push forward 


Reprogram your 2020 resolution and make the second part of the year to the best semester ever. The pandemic we are living right now is changing many people’s life. Some throw in the towel. Others make 180 degrees changes.

Today, the first day of the second part of the year, you probably ask yourself if you should reprogram your 2020 resolution or not. In the previous blog post, we firmly stated that giving up is the worst mistake you can make.

In many relevant forums, including the World Economic Forum, it’s seriously discussed how COVID-19 invites the world to reset for a healthier, more equitable, and prosperous future.

Being a lover of using metaphors, I would like to describe the current situation in the following way.

Imagine that you are the captain on a ship having a mission to take your boat from point A to point B, cruising the Atlantic ocean. You prepare the journey carefully and calculate for all kinds of unpredictable eventualities. Everything goes according to plan until you are in the middle of the sea. A weather situation with storms never seen before hits your ship.

As a captain, you need to applicate the immediate emergency protocols to continue in control of the ship. With a turbulent situation, but under control, the second step will be taken. How to recalculate everything with the original plan unchanged, taking the ship to point B.

This mini-story will open your mind to think through what to next.


Be the captain of your ship

When the Coronavirus pandemic hits the world, we all had to take immediate measures to minimize the risks from unfortunate losses. The world focused on one single task: saving lives.

By now, we are all accustomed to extreme cleaning, disinfection, mouth masks, social distancing, and much more. In some countries or regions, more severe measures are part of the daily procedure, like lockdowns and closing borders. 

The discussions about the correct steps to take are not missing. As this is the first time in our lifetime we are facing a pandemic, we will not know until it’s over, who is right and who is wrong. Criticism, at this point, is entirely useless. The only valid critic is when authorities are not doing anything to seriously attack the pandemic.

Going back to your goals for this year and how to reprogram your 2020 resolution, all are valid as long as you do something with a well-thought trough activity to get “your ship” on the right course to reach “point B.”

What we know for sure is that things are changing dramatically in our societies. Not necessarily it is something new, but something already created speeding up due to the pandemic environment.

We know from statistics that all kind of commerce is taking a new route. Never before in history eCommerce has increased so quickly. You just don’t visit your traditional grocery store, if not absolutely necessary. Retail businesses not in the eCommerce frontline before the pandemic, are closing down or going bankrupt.


Now is the Moment to Reprogram Your 2020 Resolution


Moment to Reprogram Your 2020 ResolutionTake a look at your new resolution made half a year ago. Make three lists:

#1. Done so far, or what is on its way according to plan?

#2. What has failed due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

#3. Something that has failed due to your own lack of action?

Most people get list number 3 to be the one with most text. If that’s the case for you, don’t fall into the trap to use COVID-19 as an excuse for not getting things to happen. It’s the opposite, the pandemic could be an excellent reason to get your work up to speed. 

Probably you are spending more time at home than before. The pandemic is opening up many new doors to products and services to promote in the market. 

If you belong to the large group of people who lost your job due to the pandemic crisis, starting your own online business doesn’t require a vast amount of money. In a couple of hours, you can be on your way.


Start your journey….

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Now, is the moment to reprogram your 2020 resolution. Navigate through all the obstacles created by COVID-19, and find out that it all depends on yourself and the approach you take if 2020 is going to be the year you dreamed of six months ago.

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