Now you can retire on your terms thanks to the digital revolution

To retire on your terms sounds too flashy at the first view, but today it’s a reality for many senior people.

Within four weeks, it’s my birthday, and I will turn 68. It was actually three years ago when I officially retired at the age of 65. From one day to another, I was formally retired. 65 years!

My inbox is overloaded with offers and discounts; I didn’t know existed. The authorities add me to a new demographic category. As a highly active senior, you’ll be aware of your new class of citizens. Offers of walking sticks, wheelchairs, and similar tools begin to reach your inbox.

Hey! I ran a marathon below 4 hours one week before I was 65. Fortunately, I don’t need a walking stick. Why don’t you give me an exclusive deal on running sneakers that I consume like crazy?

There are people in my life who call me “Grandpa.” Indeed, I am a very proud father and grandfather of three beautiful children and three lovely grandchildren.

Of course, the relation with your family is an essential part of your life. You can never deny the different layers of generations. Not a long time ago, the grandparent generation was expected to take a backseat and really “retire” from the active working life.

A lot of people still retire the old classical way, and I don’t question the value of such a decision. As a senior, you deserve all public service and to live a life you like. But there is a difference between only retire and retire on your terms.

What’s changed in society is the new group of “retired” people who refuse to retire.


As an Active Senior You Want to Retire on Your Terms


You Want to Retire on Your TermsWhen searching for the word “retired” in any dictionary, you’ll find more or less the same definition of the word. Let’s take the Oxford Dictionaries as an example. They define “retired” as, “Leave one’s job and cease to work, typically on reaching the normal age for leaving service.”

The retirement of today is not what it used to be, and the reasons can be:

  • Upper age people are much healthier than before, both physically and mentally
  • The pension funds for retired people do not reach the necessary amounts for a comfortable life as retired
  • Nowadays the work is less hard than years back, and do not necessarily require the deserved rest for the body
  • The firm tendency toward a more digitalized world makes it possible for seniors to continue working. You don’t need to show up at a particular office place every morning. It’s possible to work from home and retire on your terms
  • The sharp line between the words “work” and “free time” is more difficult to define. It becomes harder to determine what is work and what isn’t
  • After being active for an entire life, a lot of people cannot switch from working to not working. Often, social connections are established during the busy years of labor. To set an end to “work” can in many cases isolate people from their social network.


This is not your last chapter!


As the environment is developing, a lot of people don’t feel retirement like the last chapter in their biography. Retirement in the sense of switching from “work” to “no work” is frightening a lot of individuals.

Often the society ignores the life experience of senior people as a strength when thinking about doing business as “retired.” See one of my earlier articles, “How To Love Life As A Productive Baby Boomer.”


To Retire on Your Terms Comes Down to Taking Action


Taking action and retire on your terms By quitting the labor market, I can dedicate more time to my other passion, which is running marathons around the world. In fact, I ran both the Boston Marathon and the London Marathon at the age of 60+.

Being a highly active person, this wouldn’t be possible without balancing the passion for running with the other passion of doing business.

The digital world helps me out. When coming across the Six Figure Mentors, my life as “retired” starts to change completely.

Retire on your terms is all about finding the right balance between your passions.

When reaching the age for retirement, your journey isn’t complete, not unless you want it to be.

With the opportunities through the Internet and all kind of online businesses, you are in charge of the power to continue your personal path as long as you choose to do so.

The online market gives you all the opportunities, challenging to find a few decades ago. Imagine to travel as you like, work the hours you decide and share your new business with your other passions in your life.

Go live today!


Retire on your terms can be something real already today and your second chance if you make the decision to give it a serious try.

As a typical baby boomer, I came across the correct system and platform for me to build my online business. It’ s newbie-friendly and particularly adapted for us seniors who weren’t born with a smartphone in your hand and a laptop on your knees.

Officially I’m retired, but the reality is that I’m more active than ever. The difference is the approach to your activities. You don’t need to “go to the job” to secure your monthly paycheck. You don’t need to report back to a boss. It’s all yours, and you decide how to schedule your days. This is what I call to retire on your terms.

Right now, I’m on a mission to connect more senior people to this fantastic way of living, where you share your life between your family, your passions, and your online business.

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