Escape all retirement regrets by acting now! 


Retirement regrets are too common among people retiring, but very few take measures in time. This article will go straight to the point, analyzing the most common retirement regrets. The good thing is that you do a lot about it by acting now.

Being a typical senior citizen at the retirement age, I have to admit that I was a victim of some retirement regrets before taking action. The first thing to do is straightforward. Erase from your vocabulary the words would, should, and could. Instead, replace them by will, shall, and can. Maybe it sounds too simple, but you can’t imagine the power you will get when acting in the present for a better future, instead of whining over the past that never happened.

There are always plenty of things that you could have done better, but why bother if you can’t change it. Or to use a famous quote by George Burns.


“I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”


We all have different issues to deal with in life, and your list can vary a bit. However, the following 5 retirement regrets not only apply to me, but I’m sure a vast majority can relate to them.


Let’s Crush Your Retirement Regrets


Crush your retirement regretsFortunately, I’m not a victim of the retirement regrets I’m referring to in this article. But you can be sure I should if I didn’t actively take measures along the time.



Let’s face it, we all need love. When reaching a certain age in life, we all realize that life isn’t an endless event. The only thing we know for sure during our time on this planet is that we will die.

Many have lost their loved ones when reaching a certain age. To become a widow or widower isn’t an easy task. Your life will change. Loneliness is the key point to tackle.

Other people have gone through divorces, which also is a loneliness issue if not handle the right way.

Personally, I live a happy life together with my lovely wife for almost 45 years. We’re close with our kids and grandkids. Our lives are filled with love and happiness. But it’s nothing coming by itself. You have to work on it daily.

Make a “check-up” revue every now and then to identify the weak points in your life in search of that vital love we all need. No one will do it for you, so you’ll better be active on this part. The reward will be impressive.



It’s sad, but most people over 60 have health problems. You can’t do much to change the biological life cycle. Still, you can do a lot to prevent health issues—heart diseases, overweight, diabetes, joint problems, well, you name it.

The human body, like any machine, needs “maintenance.” A car without any maintenance, sooner or later, will fall apart. Why should the body be different?

Do some exercise! You don’t have to be a marathon runner, like me, but do something. No matter if you run 10-15k per day or take a walk of 3k, the name of the game is consistency. Never expect any results by running 10k once every 3 months, but go for a walk every single day, it will pay off. You can be completely sure about that.



When reaching retirement, a vast number of people realize that the monthly payment coming from your pension funds is far away from what you’re accustomed to getting on your monthly paycheck. Most people at 60+ are stressed financially.

When at the peak of the career, saving for the future seems typical too far away. Instead of saving for the future, the joy of the present gets priority.

If you can relate to this group of people who regret lost wealth, you can take action. During the pandemic time, many people are stepping out of their comfort zone and realize that the future very much is Internet-related.

Senior individuals who earlier had a sort of “built-in” rejection about almost everything on the Internet is now building their own business online.

Now the future that seemed so far away, only two decades ago, is here. The difference from previous generations is that there is today a way you can maintain your wealth with an open mind toward the Internet and all it offers you.

Imagine running your business from home on your computer and when it fits into your senior life. That’s something that can help you to live a life as retired, you thought about from the beginning.

One of my potential retirement regrets I could avoid by running a business online. It gives me freedom and pride. Doing things on your terms is something we all strive for when reaching retirement age.



Do you remember those days some 25 years ago? As kids having dreams about what to achieve when growing up, the delivery of goals continues the rest of your life. The only difference is that your dreams become more sophisticated and perhaps more expensive.

We all do something during our active lifetime to fulfill these dreams, but most of them still are pending when they retire.

Success in life can be achieved as long you still are alive. Never give up your dreams. 

When reaching retirement age, I accomplished moving to the place in front of the ocean I had on my to-do list. All loans and debts were paid, and no worries about cash flow.

However, to live a life as retired doing nothing was not on my list of priorities. To dedicate time to my favorite leisure activity, marathon training, became a reality. Time to do what you love to do is essential.

Being an active businessman for my entire life couldn’t be interrupted. The business opportunity I found online is the path to success many in my situation is searching for. This is the ideal business for “normal” people like you and me, not being an IT-tech guru. And the best thing about it is that you can work on something you love to do, helping others succeed online.



Are you happy or unhappy? In fact, many people reaching retirement are unhappy. When it’s time to retire, they realize that most things they pursued to find happiness, was nothing else than a false mirage.

Happiness is very much about freedom, freedom to live life on your terms. To do what you love to do every single day is priceless. The beauty of all this is that you can decide to live that life.

For me (but that’s me), doing business online gives me the freedom to do something productive and fun at the same time.

When you become totally accountable to yourself, you will find out that happiness resides within you. You can choose every day how to live your life. It’s not a question of circumstances.


From Now – No More Retirement Regrets 


No more retirement regretsThe five retirement regrets mentioned in this article can, of course, be much more extensive. It can also be somewhat different, as we all are different individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Whatever your personal history is, there is a typical ribbon tying us all together:

You are the architect of your own life.

— Henry Thomas Hamblin

To make a small investment in yourself could come back to you, and every area of your life could change completely. Not just financially, but your health, your relationships, wealth, and freedom, you will notice the abundance in every area of your life.

Do something different, and align with a genuine intention leading you back to your real potential and life you actually deserve.

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