Running marathons is much more than a physical effort

When lining up today for my marathon number 20, running marathons is interestingly changing my life. People from everywhere are lacing up their sneakers for many different reasons.

Most people are running marathons to benefit their physical health. But taking the step from being an ordinary jogger to train for running marathons, will teach you valuable lessons about living your best life.

The article “What Can Running a Marathon Teach You About Life?” in Huffington Post confirms the same opinion about the synergies of running marathons and life quality. Jacky Anderson nail the whole thing in the article “35 Amazing Health Benefits of Running, According to Science (+10 Tips for Beginners)”

The very first race is always something that makes an impact for the rest of your life. The pain, the famous wall at kilometer 30 something, they all are memories that you never will forget.

If you decide to train as you did for your first race, by running marathons like a sort of new habit will teach you amazing lessons from which you can benefit. In my blog post “7 Reason Why Running And Online Entrepreneurship Make A Perfect Combination,” you will get a more in-depth analysis of why everybody should be running marathons.

After 10 to 15 races you start to understand certain habits that can be useful in your life in general. Here are the three lessons I am learning.

First Lesson When Running Marathons

Lesson No. 1: You can do much more than what you think

Fortunately, before starting to train for my first marathon, I got the good advice to take the training program seriously. The best races occur during seasons when I stick to my plan.

More than you think when running marathons
More than you think when running marathons

One of the tactics is to increase mileage gradually, culmination with a couple of really tough long runs a few weeks before the race.

The advantage is that you peak your capacity and now and then even set a new personal record.

Another benefit is that you minimize the risk of injuries. Since the start of running marathons nine years ago, and with thousands of miles behind me, I have never suffered any injury.

All these good experiences you can transmit to your business habits. Have a plan, stick to the plan and always start up slowly. While your business grows, you can increase the speed in a controlled and comfortable way.

Do always believe in yourself even if a whole world is against you. Read this article about Tim Ferriss, “Before Tim Ferriss Became Tim Ferris: A True Story,” and you will understand what I mean.

Never forget that you are the boss and should always be in full command of what you’re doing.

The same way that you break up the 42k, or 26.2 miles of the marathon, also set smaller goals for your life and business while going after larger goals.

Second Lesson When Running Marathons

Lesson No. 2: Challenge all obstacles positively
Embrace obstacles when running marathons
Embrace obstacles when running marathons

Life and your business, as well as your marathon training or race, rarely goes precisely according to your plan. Accept that you will have to face setbacks and obstacles you don’t expect.

Well, the lesson is to expect that obstacles will appear. Having this attitude will make you less frustrated and demotivated. View it as a regular part of the entire process.

“Richard Branson’s advice for embracing obstacles,” explains how to overcome all hurdles you will find in your way.

Running marathons is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot from your side.

The same goes for life and particularly to run your business as an independent entrepreneur. You will always have three choices:

1) Through in the towel and give up

2) Face the obstacle and let your frustration be domination your mind for a time (typically too long time), or

3) Have a kind of plan B ready if the worst would happen.

Third Lesson When Running Marathons

Lesson No. 3: Celebrate your successes 
Celebrating when running marathons
Celebrating when running marathons

As a passionate marathon runner, I sometimes get the question from friends and family members, when I’m ready with my training. The answer is always the same: Never!

It’s a never-ending journey where you go from one victory to another.

It’s funny, but as an independent online entrepreneur, I get exactly the same question. And guess what? The answer is exactly the same.

You cannot just wake up one morning and go out and run a marathon.

The same goes for serious entrepreneurship. The dream of your life won’t just be there when you open up your eyes. It’s a journey with a lot of ups and downs.

Both as an entrepreneur and when running marathons, you are spending more time enjoying the journey than the results and outcome of a successful journey.

Therefore, it’s important to celebrate all your successes. Even the smallest victory needs its place on the celebration list. In fact, all the smaller steps are usually more important than the big and more visible achievements.

In my blog post “Best 6 Tips To Successfully Run Your Business Like A Marathon,” you can read more about the amazing synergies between running marathons, doing business as an independent entrepreneur, and life in general.

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