The steady growth of senior citizens going online


When are senior citizens going online? The answer can be pretty straightforward, as you are now online to read this article.

Do you remember back when you were not using the Internet daily? Probably you can’t. The digital environment is something that is constantly growing. As it comes in small potions, we often do not notice the change.

Who could imagine 30 years ago the impact that the Internet should have on our lives?

Then Bill Gates invented the first data language making it possible for “normal humans” to use it. Steve Jobs saw the potential market and created the first computer for regular home use. The rest is history, which has been part of the digital development.

The latest figure I could find shows that 5.18 billion or 64.6 % of the world population is connected to the Internet. By only looking at the most developed countries in the world, the penetration rate is close to 100%.

In this context, senior citizens going online are growing like never before.


Senior Citizens Going Online Are Not Behaving Differently

Senior Citizens Going Online Are Not Behaving DifferentlyOften exists an erroneous idea that the elderly are using the Internet in a different way than the younger generations.

For sure, there are other choices of more age-related websites. Still, the percentage of usage is quite similar among different age groups.

Finding information on search engines, emails, news, shopping, and social media shows a similar usage pattern no matter to which generation you belong.


Social Media

Social media sticks out when analyzing the behavior of senior citizens going online. The growth of grown-up adults using social media is something to notice.

Facebook has traditionally been the favorite media for grown-up adults. It’s still the biggest social media, but YouTube is catching up heavily. Many use YouTube for tutorials and instructions. It’s easier to understand explanations made in a video than reading a written text on Facebook or Google.


Seniors doing business online 

As digital software, applications, and programs in general become easier to understand and use, seniors are also more attracted to actively use all available platforms to start and create their own online businesses.

It is something that, not a long time ago, just wasn’t on the radar of senior citizens. Easy to use, combined with complete didactical tutorials, is attracting us seniors. We have gone from “no way” via “interesting,” “worth trying,” to “must do this.”

In my article published a week ago, we went through the two main reasons triggering senior citizens going online.

When I started my online business nine years ago, the system and complete platform were the variables that provoked me to take the next step. The training was excellent, and I could proudly present my business to the world in a few weeks. Without the training, this wouldn’t be possible.

The incredible affiliate marketing opportunity within the system was the second reason I could start to generate revenue out of my business. Recurring income is the key to a stable business income flow when selling something. Having a certain number of subscribers paying a monthly fee allows you to cut the peaks and downs in your sales.


Senior Citizens Going Online with YouTube

The continued development within the platform allows members to create their eCommerce. With professional training, you can be ready to sell your first product professionally this coming Black Friday in November.

I’m always surprised by new features and strategies offered during my online business journey. Not all of them fit my business model or interests, but sometimes new things come up that I can’t refuse to enter.

One example was when professional YouTube training that lasted twelve weeks was available for members within the platform.

For quite a time, I had learned that YouTube was a medium growing like never seen before. I tried to figure out how to enter this concept as a 70-years old citizen not born with a smartphone in my hand.

When this course came before me, it was like somebody had heard my wish.

To give you a sneak peek of what this course gave me and also will be available to you once you become a member of our highly successful community, watch this video:

Senior Citizens Going Online with YouTube

Here are the links to the pages mentioned in the video:

Social media is an essential platform in today’s world, constantly increasing. From a business point of view, you treat social media as your potential marketplace.

It’s like a giant mall where people are walking around searching for something. That “something” can be anything from just walking around to get ideas to searching for a specific product or service.

The different shops; clothes, electronics, toys, etc., are represented in our digital “mall” by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.


Why YouTube?

We know from available statistics that YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media, which is why it has become more attractive than ever to view this platform as an alternative to count with.

Here are just a few figures blowing your mind:

  • YouTube has more than 2.68 billion active users
  • 52% of Internet users worldwide access YouTube at least once a month
  • Over 122 million people visit YouTube every day
  • 720,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day
  • Users consume 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day
  • Technically, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google (YouTube is the property of Google)

Imagine if you could get a small tiny piece of what this gigantic platform offers.


Where to Start?

Where to startAre you confused and dizzy?

In a way, you should be. It’s so much to understand and to really get a clear picture of how to handle it to your advantage.

The Internet is no longer the exclusive domain for younger people. Over the past years, more seniors have started venturing online. They have lower technology adoption rates than the general public, but this group is more digitally connected than ever.

By joining our exclusive training course, you will get all your questions and doubts resolved. In the course, you will get all the information you need to join our complete YouTube training and become a member of the group of successful senior citizens going online as YouTube authorities.

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