Seniors Online – The Entrepreneurs of 2016

Seniors Online - The Entrepreneurs of 2016
Seniors Online – The Entrepreneurs of 2016

Seniors belong the group with the highest Internet growth.

All marketers are struggling to persuade seniors to the new online style, as most of this group grew up with an offline attitude, education and behavior. It is true that seniors above 65 prefer offline communications, but as soon as we go down a few steps on the age ladder you can find a different pattern.

According to studies in 2012, only 30 percent of seniors 66 and older preferred online communication but stepping down to the group of 50 to 65 years old the figure goes up to 47 percent. What is interesting to notice is that only one year later the same groups show 34 percent for people 66 years and older and 65 percent for the group of 50-65 years.

The online purchasing during the same period increased more in the 50-65 years group than the average for the total of the U.S. population.

Thus, the first conclusion will be that the so called seniors have to be divided into smaller age segments, as still a big difference in the behaviors of the groups. However, over the time, this will change and at the pace that more people are getting familiar to this new consumer-style and other effects as an outcome of the ongoing digital revolution.

The way of finding the seniors is exactly the same as for any other targeting process. Step one has to be to figure out where they are hanging out. According to research in the U.S. the four most popular social media for seniors over 60, are Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube. Of the total of Facebook users, 11 percent are seniors.

What is important to know if for example Facebook will be used as a marketing tool is how seniors interact with Facebook, as you as a marketer, need to adapt to these patterns. According to investigations, 40% use Facebook to connect with family and old friends, 30% to share photos, 20% for social gaming and 10% for contest and games.

Seniors As Online Marketers

If seniors represent an important group in the online marketing what about seniors as online marketers?

When people approach their age of retirement, there are many different paths, and each and everyone is totally individual depending on physical condition, the need of money, desire to continue active or simply searching for the lifestyle that never was achieved during their active time in the corporate world.

Even if the younger generations have a more natural connection to everything that has to do with Internet and online topics, seniors have something that is unique. They have experience from different job areas; they have experience from failures and successes, and they have experience from life.

A lot of people see the advantage of an online business as it can be tailored exactly to your needs. It can be an important income source to compensate for a poor pension compensation. It can be a spare time Internet business to keep on with a necessary activity, keeping you updated and trained for something that will dominate the business world.

The advantages to point out are the following:

  1. You can be very flexible as to where to be and you can manage your business from everywhere in the world; you just need your computer and an Internet connection
  2. The investment fits perfectly into the size as what a senior person would feel as comfortable. At the time of retirement most people do not see heavy investments as a feasible option. Here we are talking about a couple of hundreds of dollars, and the business is up and running
  3. Even if senior people are more into Internet activities than what we can imagine, the total kit to get it all started has to be easy and without complications, a plug-and-play like system

Become a successful Internet marketer – starting today!

As a senior person, 62 years old, I came across something that changed my life and that fulfilled absolutely everything needed to 6 months later resign from my corporate job after decades of trading my knowledge and time for money.

The Six Figure Mentors gave me a serious image from the very first moment, and since then the approach has been the same. It’s important to not fall into the trap of all scams that unfortunately are acting in the market, trying to convince people by false promises.

This is a business and where you need to be prepared to invest time, especially in the beginning, but when all is well established it’s all up to you to decide how much time you would like to allocate. A better opportunity is difficult to find. You can work full time or part time. You tailor it to fulfill your needs and desire.

What is interesting for senior people is the “passive” income that comes from the recurring monthly fees paid by subscribed members. It’s like a monthly pension, and when your age at a certain point will allow you to scale down your active engagement in the business, you can still continue to charge your monthly recurring income.

Whatever experience you might have as a senior, the Internet marketing always has something that will turn into a passion. Maybe you are an experienced marketer, or a person who likes to write and tell inspiring stories. In fact, seniors have an impressive experience that can be used in the most profitable and passionate way.

For every single senior reading this and for every single person who has a family member or close friend belonging to the group of seniors, the Six Figure Mentors could be the business that makes the retirement different, more meaningful and why not a new start of life, a new lifestyle that during an entire life only was a dream.

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