To imagine seniors using AI is more a reality than anything else


Seniors using AI would probably be seen as a joke if expressed a decade ago. Today, it’s different.

Many people and we grown-up adults indeed belong to this group, are asking very simple questions like:

What is AI, and how is this new technique used in today’s society? How does an AI learn things, and can it think like a human? What are the opportunities and the risks when computers seem to be more independent?

So, let’s dive right into it and first try to figure out what AI is.


What is AI

Seniors Using AI Suddenly, all the people around us start to talk about AI. Tools like ChatGPT seem to be able to help you out with almost anything. But what is AI, and how does the technique behind it really work?

Most people, at least in my age group, start to refer to science fiction movies where robots used to be the principal movie stars. The reality is the opposite. AI is invisible in the form of software that can serve in a way that is new. The most famous one is probably ChatGPT. It’s a so-called chatbot that can provide a lot of different results based on questions or direct orders.

To make a short summary of what AI is, it can be condensed into something like this:

AI is combined with various technologies and knowledge bases, getting computers to interpret and understand better the outside world. It could be, for example, that a computer should be able to reason and plan, be able to learn from data, different impressions, and much more. In other words, it’s about making the computer a bit more human.


What AI is not!

When using tools like ChatGPT, it’s easy to believe that we are communicating with something intelligent. You write something, and the computer delivers a fast, resolute response. It’s like you were talking with something extraordinarily intelligent. But that’s not true.

The response provided by your computer is an advanced form of pattern recognition. Chat GPT has no understanding of its own surroundings but is trained on an enormous number of written texts by humans. Therefore, the answers delivered by AI could look very convincing but are nothing else than trained behavior based on previous inputs by humans. However, the delivered answer not necessarily has to be factually correct.

A more straightforward statement could be:

ChatGPT is a language model – not a book of facts

The first article I published earlier this year about AI and its benefits is explained in more detail.


Areas Where Seniors Using AI Already Have Advantages

Seniors Using AI Already Have AdvantagesLike when the digitalization of society started and computers shew up everywhere, we are right now in the middle of w new technical shift. Self-learning and automated systems occupy more space in our daily lives.

There is a huge potential when more people start to use AI, but there are already areas where AI is in place.

AI detecting cancer

Healthcare is already using AI to search and quickly find cases of cancer. By using technology to detect cancer, doctors can focus their work on the medical side instead of spending time to administrate and configure databases.

Cancer is today a leading cause of death worldwide. If the disease can be detected early, it can be treated in a much more efficient way.

According to an article in The Guardian, the algorithm performs more efficiently than current methods.


Railway traffic managed by AI

In many countries, railways represent an important part of the communication network. Trains should have timetables. Timetables could undergo changes due to delays, cancellations, and other no-planned events.

From a technical point of view, trains have to be safely directed onto different tracks to fulfill time schedules and safety.

AI is today heavily involved in modern railway planning. Even driverless trains have started to become more common.


AI working in the warehouse

All modern distribution of goods is today managed by AI. Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, would never been able to occupy such a position without heavily automating the handling of goods.

Amazon started to use robotics already in 2012, which is probably one important reason for their incredible increase.

Etc.etc., etc.,…

These are just three examples of what AI already are doing today. The list can go on with,

  • Mapping out your music preferences
  • Detecting plagiarized texts
  • Bank transactions
  • AI as a recruiting tool
  • …and much more


Seniors Using AI to Create a Business

In my video “AI and ChatGTP for Seniors,” you get a general view of what seniors using AI can get from it.

In today’s video, we will take one more step and reveal the entire automation process senior people can take advantage of when deciding to get started with an online business.

Seniors Using AI to Create a Business

Here are the links to the pages mentioned in the video:

It’s common for some elderly individuals to feel unsure about technology and its advancements, but that doesn’t mean they cannot learn and benefit from it! With the right approach, anyone can become proficient with new gadgets and systems.

Offering one-on-one instruction and hands-on practice is essential to ensuring success and preventing confusion or frustration. Taking the time to teach at a gentle pace can make all the difference in helping older individuals grasp new concepts.

Despite the vast amount of information available online, it’s important to remember that technology can have great benefits for seniors. Empowering them with knowledge and access to new resources can greatly improve their lives, as long as it’s done in a supportive and patient manner. Let’s embrace technology together and help everyone achieve their full potential!

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