Short articles could be your blogging breakthrough

To write short articles is something that seldom is on the preference list of the so-called blogging gurus. The reason is straightforward.

All bloggers try there very best to get their article ranked high by Google and all other social media. It gives more traffic and at the end more clicks and sales.

Your short articles will have more difficulties to reach high ranking scores on sites like Google, Facebook, or whatever social platform you prefer. Short articles versus long stories will, of course, have less content, if the quality of the content is the same.

What often happens is that bloggers fall into the trap to believe that long stories win by default over short articles, as the article contains more words. However, the algorithms that social media apply are much more intelligent than that. To just fill out your essay with words, doesn’t mean that you have more content to offer your audience.

When I am searching for a specific article to get answers to my questions, I usually leave the page if I can’t find what I’m seeking within 30 seconds. What about you?

According to experts, short articles can’t be shorter than 300 words. On the other hand articles longer than 2000 words tend to get inferior results. The question to raise and the provocation to be made, would be if the length of your article should follow what the social media platforms decide or should it be what your audience expects?

The Short Articles That Gets to the Point

To the point with short articles

As a passionate runner and online entrepreneur and marketer, all messages to be transmitted to my audience will always be around these topics. So far I have never seen any proof that the length of the article directly influences the SEO ranking. Instead, the content is what decides how the article will qualify on all ranking lists.

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Short Articles can Sometimes Provide More Than a Complete Book

The above 213 words are the real content of this blog post and should be enough proof to show that short articles could be crucial to your success.

For sure a lot of bloggers will disagree with my arguments, but based on experience any audience prefers to get rid of all blah-blah-blah writing. To quickly find what you’re searching for is what people want, no matter the search engine you’re using.

The question should always be: are you working for the social media platforms to fill up their sights with words, or are you working to provide the content that your audience would like to get from you?

My answer to that question is clear as a blue sky. What’s your opinion?


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