To be short of time is a decease you can get rid of!

Being short of time is one of the most common excuses of today. To understand the topic, you first have to dig into what time really is, and what it isn’t. 

Many articles have been written about time and time management, and still, it remains a problem for too many people. You can’t go back in time. The past is history and will never return again. In the same way, the future is not here yet, and you cannot wholly predict how it will look.

The only time frame where you can act is in the presence. What you’ll do right now will be the foundation for your future. Using past experience and working correctly in the present, for sure, the future will have your footprint.

Being aware of the tiny time slot called “present,” it’s easier to understand the impact you can have on tomorrow, next week, well, the rest of your life. 

The sad reality is that many people in today’s high-speed environment get captured in their own trap.

You will always be short of time if you don’t use your time correctly. Let’s do a little experiment. 

There is a page on your smartphone where you can check how much screen time you have had on your phone. It will surprise you when you notice how much time you spend on your phone. 

The Social Dilemma on Netflix that millions of people have watched so far explains why screen time on your phone is big. 

If you aren’t in command of your time, social media will turn you into a sort of robot. Scaring but a reality you need to watch out for.


Take the Command, and You’ll Never be Short of Time Again


Take the Command, and You’ll Never be Short of Time AgainYou will always be short of time if you don’t take Command of your life right now!

The following five tips are the first step towards a different lifestyle. It will be a new set-up where you’re the one who take the decision. This will be your first blueprint to an entirely new way of doing things.

The pandemic has put everything on edge. Nothing is untouchable. Now it’s your turn to take advantage of the situation and mold your new future.


#1. Make a decision on what’s your mission

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but the truth is that in most cases, people feel short of time because they don’t know precisely where they are heading.

It could be that you aren’t fully satisfied with your job, but keep on because there is a monthly paycheck that will motivate you to continue. In other words, you’re selling your freedom and real desire in life for money. Can you relate to this?

Steve Job said once, 

“The only way to do a great work is to love what you do.”

Of course, you can do an excellent job without burning for it, but being passionate about what you’re doing will absolutely have a turbo effect on what you will achieve.

So, before even lining out the path for your future, take your time, be honest to yourself and try your very best to write down your personal mission in life.


#2. Set goals!

Immediately after knowing what you would like to do, it seems relatively easy to set the goals. But here it’s easy to go wrong. Goals should always follow a specific structure to fulfill its purpose. There are many formulas for goalsetting, but the best one I know is the SMART formula.

S – The goal should be specific

M – It should be measurable

A – To have an achievable goal is the essence of the whole formula

R – The relevance should be obvious

T – A goal without a time frame remains a dream

If your goalsetting can’t follow the SMART formula, something is wrong. Maybe, the initial mission, what you would like to do, is too vague.


#3. Follow the Pareto Principle

In the new digital world, the speed of everything is increasing. Today, we all have to focus on what matters for your particular mission. In that sense, the Pareto Principle is the most powerful and useful method.

Figure out where you should focus on actions and measurable results. You will soon find out that 20% of what you are doing produces 80% of the results. Focus on this 20%. If you are trying to cover it all, for sure, you will be short of time.


#4. Leverage by using the correct tools

In the last decade, something substantial has happened in the world. The digitalization of almost everything is the new game-changer. Like or not, but the new digital world forces every single individual to rethink everything. 

To put some icing on the cake, the current pandemic we are facing is accelerating the digitalization. On one side, you can argue that we are victims of computers and smartphones, but on the other side, it is probably the salvation for the world. Without the Internet and the existing advanced technology, the pandemic most likely should have reached a higher level of catastrophe. 

Many have already taken advantage of the new home office mode to figure out new paths to follow. What earlier you could consider as “safe” jobs are today reduced considerably, or they might have disappeared completely.

Never before so many are trying out right now how to start their own business from home. As we all have been pushed out of your comfort zone, the willingness is high to give these home-based business opportunities a try.

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#5. Make corrections and scale 

Whatever you are up to in life, the flexibility to make changes is necessary. It could either be something that isn’t working out exactly how you thought of something that is doing fine, and you just have to scale the success.

The good thing by entering the community I’m a member of is that you’ll get access to all the tools you will need. Further, we have a unique community of like-minded people who will always be there to give a helping hand.

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