We all love shortcuts, but will it be to your help?

To find shortcuts in everything you do is becoming more a habit than something extraordinary. Most humans (and animals as well,) we are all lazy by nature. To achieve as much as possible with as little effort as you can do seems to be something we spontaneously are searching for whole the time.

There is nothing wrong to find shortcuts, but when it becomes more critical than the desired final result, then it’s time for a heads up.

In one of my previous blog posts where I compare entrepreneurship with marathon running, the negative side of shortcuts is analyzed more in detail. To successfully run a marathon you need to make the “heavy” and required training. In the same way, you will not be able to reach your entrepreneurial goal without the hard work that makes it happen.

However, within the total work frame, there are plenty of different shortcuts you can take. In this article, they are even talking about 4 reasons why you can’t take any shortcuts to success.

The Shortcuts That Work


The shortcuts that workBeing both a passionate marathon runner and an online entrepreneur, I often compare the two activities. It’s incredible how much they have in common.

To prepare yourself to successfully run a marathon race, (26.2 miles or 42.2km,) you will never succeed without weekly long run sessions. There are no shortcuts in the world that can make 30km or 18.6 miles shorter. On the other side, there are new techniques for the additional training you need to implement in your overall marathon training.

You need to train speed with interval training. Training strength and running techniques are necessary. All these parts of the training are today much more efficient. In other words, you get more training done with less effort. Without mentioning these new training methods by any particular name, indeed they are real shortcuts.

The famous Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, says in an interview that successful entrepreneurship is always to think long term. No shortcuts here! But on the other side, the Amazon concept is whole a big shortcut towards a vast potential global market.

What Shortcuts Are There For You?


What Shortcuts Are There For You?If you would like to start running marathons, please reach out to me, and with pleasure, I will help you to get the right training program in place for you. Your age doesn’t matter as long as you feel a genuine passion for what you’re doing.

My first marathon race ever I ran 10 years ago, and within a couple of days, I will run my marathon number 20. At the age of 66, I feel more passionate than ever and have no thoughts about putting my running shoes on the shelf.

Almost 5 years ago, the passion for running my own online business became a reality. Without any technical skills or know-how in general about how to do business online, I was lucky to come across the correct system and platform.

I say lucky because there are so many scams and false promises out there. There are no “get-rich-overnight” – schemes. They do not exist! Or as Martin Zwilling says in an article in Forbes:

“There is no magic……”

It was a different ball-game to start a business on or offline just a two decades ago. And the initial investment killed most of the dreams among people with entrepreneurial desires.

Today, you can log into a ready-made platform where everything you need, already is in place. The cost is close to nothing comparing to how it was before. If you’re serious about starting your own online business, I highly recommend you to click here and take a look.

It’s not a shortcut to your successful business, but indeed an execution shortcut to get there faster.


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