Is it a new trend for retirees to start side hustles?


Retirees starting side hustles is something growing as never before. Researches show that one out of three U.S. citizens has a side hustle. Even if the trend is growing fast in the U.S., the same development is a reality in many other countries around the world.

 In general, terms retirees starting side hustles do it for two reasons. Money is, of course, one of the reasons. The total household income is, of course, one important reason. But cultural explanation also plays a crucial role. The desire to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit and wish to generate value and revenue shouldn’t be underestimated.

The will and drive to be able to manage your own time rather than financial reasons is dominating the mindset of today’s retirees.

 During the recent pandemic, many realized the advantages of working from home. Replace typical office jobs with fixed working hours with some side hustles had an influence on the new “work-from-home” mentality. People approaching their retirement date could experiment with this new working mode before retirement.


What is best for you?

There are many types of side hustles, and you can only say which one fits you and your interest.

Surfing around on the web, you can find plenty of articles about what to think about before starting a side hustle. The opportunities as a grown-up adult win over the challenges, which is analyzed more in detail in my articles published a few weeks ago.

 What to think about then for retirees starting side hustles? 

A complete book can be written about it, but if you can focus on three significant and important cornerstones, you will be well set when going ahead with your side hustle. In the following video, we will analyze the three recommendations in detail and how you should act.

3 Golden Tips for Retirees Starting Side HustlesHere is the link mentioned in the video.

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Define and Start Your Side Hustles

Define and Start Your Side HustlesOnce you go for your side hustles, it’s crucial to follow the right path toward the success you are after. Many stop after the initial ignition, convinced they have what they need. If you went through the ModernWealthy training, you have all the basic knowledge to build your side hustle. 

But how to build it? 

 How to get your side hustle to work the way you want? 

And on what platform and what system to use?

Don’t run away with the idea that you have it all. You want a business that is working and that is scalable, right? Choose a system and platform that will allow you all that at your pace and with a budget you decide to be affordable.

Let’s do this together!

Together we’ll come up with a market to serve, find products to promote, and launch your dream online business, and we will do it in the next 30 to 60 days. Of course, it will all be based on the three cornerstones mentioned in the video, fun, get started, and scalable.

Click on the box below, and you’ll get started!

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