Why The Six Figure Mentors For Baby Boomers 

The Six Figure Mentors
The Six Figure Mentors


Isn’t the Six Figure Mentors another online scam?

Search for “Online business opportunities” on the world’s largest search engine, Google, and you’ll get close to 1 million results, whereof the Six Figure Mentors is one of them. Digital businesses still being a relatively young marketplace, and with few rules and regulations in the fast-growing Internet world, it would be strange not to find a couple of rotten eggs.

The problem, especially for newcomers, seniors, and even more experienced people, is that it’s quite easy to be trapped by these non-serious scammers, only after quick money; a kind of hit and run business.

As a typical baby boomer searching for the freedom of my dreams I have been a victim myself to those unfortunate false actors.

There are certain characteristics though to watch out for, to identify the scams pretty fast:

1.   Everything for free – this is a business, and it all cost money even if the modern online marketing can offer a new business opportunity for an extremely low cost, compared to old traditional business set ups.

2.   Be rich quick – this is the most frequent scam “attraction” as it appeals to the dream of every single person; to be rich over night. However, a serious online business is like any other serious business, and it takes time and effort to get the business up and running on a real level.

3.   No money back guarantee – the competition among all serious actors is so keen that if no money back guarantee offered, for sure it is scam.

4.   No good references – with the most powerful search engines at your fingertips, if any doubts about the offer do research. If it is scam, for sure, you will find a lot of news about it on Google and other places.

There are much more you can do but with these four steps, you will be pretty well covered and not to be a victim of any scam.

Moving over to the positive side and exploring what a business system should have, to fulfill the requirement for people with desire and passion for becoming their own boss online with a digital business, the list can be endless, but here follow the necessary:

1.   A complete and didactical training program – new or experienced, all will need training. In the Six Figure Mentors, there are five basic modules to go through together with professional leaders and coaches. After these five modules, you will be ready to get started.

2.   An automated system – a fascinating part of digital marketing is that literally everything can be automated. The differences between setting up a local shop with maybe half a million potential customers in that location, with the online business the world is the marketplace. Consequently, the number of potential customers is a huge number. In other words, as an online marketer you are managing millions of potential clients. To do that correctly and to get the marketing segmented in an optimized way, you must automate the whole activity. With the business system in the Six Figure Mentors, you will get access to a platform allowing you to make this automation process reality for your own business.

3.   A product to sell – for all marketers, no matter the business model to apply, sooner or later you will come down to the product to promote and sell. The Six Figure Mentors is an affiliate program, where you will sell their products and earn a commission for the sales. No worries about product development, storing, service or cash flow.The system will allow you to sell three types of products; low-cost front end products, high-ticket back end products, and subscriptions, giving you a monthly residual income. Mixing these three products in a proper way, will over time allow you to reach a monthly income you never before thought would be possible.

4.   Endless coaching and connections – as an entrepreneur you will need to interact with other people in the company and the industry. In the Six Figure Mentors, there are plenty of webinars and coaching programs to choose among. I said choose, because if you pretend to attend all of them you will never have time to leave the education mode. The community with people like you and me is very active, and it is easy to get in contact with colleagues to share experiences and knowledge.


The Six Figure Mentors – Simplicity Is Key

We baby boomers who were born during an era with typewriters, telex machines and where the fax machine was the revolution of the century, have certain problems to contact properly with the millennium generation who has to search in Wikipedia what a telex machine was.

The Six Figure Mentors have achieved a fantastic leverage between advanced modern technology on one side adapted for the younger generation who was born with a laptop in their hands, and simple procedures for us baby boomers who are happy we can manage our Facebook account and sending emails. Personally, I use the phrase digital technology for dummies. The proof of the success to appeal to upper age people is that the average age among all affiliates in the Six Figure Mentors is above 40 years.

It’s a user-friendly system adapted for all kind of individuals, no matter background, knowledge, and experience. As long as your mindset is correctly in place and you view it as a business you are passionate about, it is for you…..for sure

If you feel triggered and would like to start your own business, achieve total freedom and say goodbye to your boss, as I did a year and a half ago, there are two steps to do:

1.   Check up the Six Figure Mentors on Google, to assure you it isn’t a scam.

2.   Click here and try it out….


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