Be smart and stubborn in correct portions and nobody can beat you

To be smart and stubborn at the same time looks like an oil-and-water-syndrome. Often we classify stubborn people as stupid, which is a huge mistake to do. Some even see stubbornness as an unevaluated trait.

What is then to be stubborn?

In an article from March 2019, I wrote about how to achieve goals by having a high degree of stubbornness in your overall recipe. 

In general terms, society doesn’t like stubborn people. They are unreasonable obstinate, and resolute. Further, it’s hard people, tough, and stiff as stone. Can you recognize this?


To be Smart and Stubborn is Like Coordinating to Stand on Two Feet


Be Smart and Stubborn Standing on Two FeetGiving an example of stubbornness, I love this one about Steve Jobs.

When the first iPod was developed, and the prototype was presented to Steve Jobs, his comment was that it should be smaller. The answer from the people who had worked hard to get this first iPod prototype ready on time answered that it wasn’t possible.

Steve dropped the iPod into a fish tank and said:

“Do you see those bubbles? It’s air and means there’s space in there. Make it smaller.”

The stubbornness to not accept an answer straight away, when you have a different goal and vision, can make people go crazy. In this particular case, Steve Job’s behavior was smart and stubborn at the same time. You almost need to be a genius to prove you’re right by letting air bubbles speak for themselves.

The thing is to be smart and stubborn in a well-balanced mix. Another and more sad example of Steve Jobs’s stubbornness, not accompanied by smartness, was his pancreatic cancer. Job’s stubbornness convinced him to go for alternative treatments instead of conventional treatments, which were scientifically proven to be effective.

These two examples show how stubbornness can be a genius move if done together with smart thinking, and how stubbornness can be fatal without smart thinking. In fact, smart people are often challenging everything. The difference is small between being very smart and stupid.


The Pandemic Invites You to be Smart and Stubborn

As you know well by now, the pandemic we are living at the moment has opened up the eyes for every human being on earth. We are all forced to think in completely different paths than what your comfort zone allows you.

You need to back to the great depression in 1929 to find a similar chaotic situation when it comes to lost jobs. Millions of people have lost their income as corporations need to make severe cost-cuts. In a way, it’s a “normal” unemployment situation that always follows conjunctural fluctuations.

What is new, though, is that so-called “safe jobs” disappear as the pandemic tsunami swipes over everywhere without restrictions. Companies close down, they go bankrupt, and workers and managers are all in the same box.

Some important milestones in history establish a “before” and “after” scenarios. The agriculture revolution and the Industrial Revolution are two examples that dramatically changed the world.

The same will happen with the Coronavirus pandemic. Your grandchildren will read about this milestone, the same you learn from the industrial revolution.

A lot of people talk about it, but too many still take it very “lite.”

The Digital Revolution!

Fortunately, we are a massive group of people who have already adapted to the new digital environment. I’m not talking about the daily presence in all kinds of social media, but how to make a living.

Today is when you can start your own business, which is totally based on a digital device and an Internet connection.

When choosing to go into business, you will immediately think about how to make an income out of it. Rule number one will be to make a shift in your mindset. 

It’s not about trading your time for money, as it is in a traditional 9-5 job. Instead, you should see time as your investment. Some investments pay off quickly, but typically, substantial high yield investments require longer time spans to show the expected return of investment.

This transition may not come easily for some, and to be smart and stubborn in a perfect mix, is the formula for your success.

Not everyone is shaped to be an entrepreneur, willing to frequently work outside their comfort zone. Further, entrepreneurs are not made alike, and there exist many different paths toward success.

On one side, you need to be obstinate and stiff when it comes to your mission. On the other hand, you need to adapt to the current opportunities to follow your purpose. 

Take a rest and think it all over. Are you convinced about your next step to take? During the “stay-home” mode, you have plenty of time you can dedicate to yourself and your own future. And do you know what? You deserve it!

Here we go….

If you are willing to make it happen, you should be stubborn enough to follow through. No-one can stop you! If you have that mindset….good! Let’s go for it!

When I started my online business, I was stubborn as a donkey. Absolutely could stop me! However, it took some time until I found out that stubbornness alone wouldn’t take me anywhere. All false “gurus” are making huge money on people’s exaggerated enthusiasm. They promise you to be rich at a speed you never could imagine. Of course, I failed.

Something was missing in my “stubborn-formula”; smartness.

The smartest move I ever made with my online business mission was when I came across something that promised me success if I was willing to work for it.

Interesting trigger, and when inside the platform, the first challenge presented straightaway was to figure out in-depth if this was for me. To be honest, that challenge, almost accusation, was the motivation to give it all my attention and effort.

Being smart and stubborn is something you will be aware of when working with professional people and a community that provides tons of value to your own mission.

A smart way to create your own business is to sign up for a system where nothing is missing. Imagine taking advantage of a platform that has cost millions of dollars to build and an infinite amount of hours to create. 

Be smart and stubborn by taking these first steps.

You are smart if you connect to such a ready-made platform. Once inside, it’s up to you to decide how much time you are willing to invest. Whatever you do, for sure, being smart and stubborn will pay off, and you will part of the new modern digital era after the Coronavirus pandemic.

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