Using a smartphone stabilizer is one of the smartest things you can do to improve the quality of your videos

Without any doubt, to use a smartphone stabilizer is becoming more popular every day. Reason number one is that you improve your video dramatically utilizing a smartphone stabilizer. Reason number two is the price. With the huge competition among all different brands available in the market, to acquire a smartphone stabilizer is now affordable for anybody.

The quality of the integrated camera in a smartphone has increased over the time. Many people prefer to use their smartphone camera instead of a more expensive DSLR camera.

Here the smartphone stabilizer comes into play. First of all, they are easy to use, but also it ´s an effective device and making it possible to create smooth videos with a professional touch.

In this blog post, the only intention is to open up the door to the world of devices. It can change the quality of your videos tremendously. Which smartphone stabilizer you prefer to acquire, finally depends on your needs and at the end, it’s a personal choice of yours.

The following short video will show you what you can do with a smartphone stabilizer.

Increased Demand For Smartphone Stabilizer Devices

As you could see in the video, the smartphone stabilizer is not a selfie stick. First of all, it’s a tool helping you to create videos of a completely different quality than the one you have been used to.

Smartphone stabilizer devices

Smartphone stabilizer devices

It´s a handheld 3-axis stabilization system, and they are compatible with all smartphones in the market. It´s not exactly a “new” thing the stabilizers, but with the rise of Instagram feeds, Facebook stories and videos in general today being almost a must in all social media, the demand has increased for the smartphone stabilizer devices.

People do not accept any longer jittery and shaky videos. You have eight seconds to catch your audience´s attention. An intro of low quality will hence be the primary reason people will leave your video.

As always when buying a product, you´ll find a vast number of different models. The market offers all kind of alternatives. You can find the most simple and austere model to the most sophisticated and fully equipped smartphone stabilizer. As you can imagine the prices also will vary.

Finally, it´s all up to you what you prefer and how much money you´re willing to spend.

Check this 2018 review of the best models.

Necessary Features For Your Smartphone Stabilizer

The following three features are a must, in my opinion, to fully enjoy the advantages of a smartphone stabilizer.

  1. A long-lasting battery – People often forget this part. As the device has a small little built-in motor, consequently it will need an energy source. Imagine if you´re out there shooting your video and suddenly the battery is empty. What a mess!
  2. A gimbal or 3-axis stabilization system – In fact, if your smartphone stabilizer doesn´t have this system, probably it is only a sophisticated selfie stick. The gimbal system is the core of the device and will allow you to get the maximum stability of your video. It works like the head of a chicken. You can move the body of the chicken in any direction, but the head will always remain in the same place.
  3. Incorporated app – It´s crucial to connect your smartphone to the stabilizer through Bluetooth, and furthermore your device must have an app you can download to make an interface with your smartphone.

This is actually the model of stabilizer I’m using. Efficient and inexpensive.

Time To Monetize The Videos You Make With Your Smartphone Stabilizer

The Internet development and all online business opportunities connected to the Internet are increasing at high speed. The tendency of today to be successful with any business can be mentioned with one single word: Video!

People prefer to engage with offers, opportunities or whatever it can be if there is a video acting as connecting bridge.

The nice thing is that you don´t need to invest millions of dollars into marketing as the big corporations active in the online marketing space.

With a “clean” video in addition to a clear message and an exciting product to sell, you can start your business already today.

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