To start affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to be successful online 

Start affiliate marketing as the first step on your entrepreneurial journey online, and you will soon notice the benefit of it. Right now, we are facing a new era of work, entrepreneurship, and how to make a living without being tied up to a typical 9 to 5 job.

Are you sometimes thinking seriously about selling something to generate an income stream, but you don’t know how to sell? Perhaps, you know the basics in sales, but you have no product or service to promote. Or, you don’t know anything about sales, and you don’t count on anything to promote.

For sure, you hear now and then about people who start eCommerce. It’s a kind of “springboard” to add an income stream when losing their job or simply needing to earn more money. For many, the success converts into a completely new business setup, where online entrepreneurs find their new way of living.

Here is the good news:

You can do it as well!

It’s unnecessary to develop a product or service to sell, as there is a system where you can PROMOTE an already existing product or service. It belongs to somebody else, and you will earn money as soon the product is sold.

Perhaps it is a system you have already heard about that can help you to increase your income. This system is known as AFFILIATE MARKETING.

It’s a system easy to implement, and for a start-up, you don’t need much, and the initial investment is close to nothing.

If you are searching for answers to your doubts and questions about affiliate marketing, you will probably find the answers in this article. Further, you will also find many recommendations to start and grow with the system. Get to know the system, make a decision and start earning money from home.

Nothing new

Firstly, this system is NOT SOMETHING NEW. Therefore, never be afraid to try it out, as it is a proven system now in full maturity.

The system started during the decade of the ’90s, and at the beginning of this century, it reached its peak. The start of the modern version of affiliate marketing can be traced back to 1989, more or less at the same time the Berlin Wall was falling.

The start of the modern version of affiliate marketing can be traced back to 1989, more or less at the same time the Berlin Wall was falling.

In Europe and the U.S., the system has been in operation for many years, and many are making their living by working from home. In Asia, it’s also operative since years back.

However, in Latin America, the system is still in its start-up phase. The pandemic, though, is accelerating the growth, as online businesses, in general, are increasing considerably.

If, for any reason, you are worried that this is a business reaching its saturation point, you can be completely calm. There is a long way to go to get the system to work correctly in all developed countries. Still, you can find tremendous opportunities to create your successful affiliate marketing business.

This is a perfect moment to take the next step and start affiliate marketing.

Start Affiliate Marketing and Enter the Winning Circle

Start Affiliate Marketing and Enter the Winning CircleIn a few words, Affiliate Marketing is a business system where a person earns a commission when a sale is made of service, physical or digital product. The promoted product or service belongs to a different individual or company.

The process starts with the development of a product – the PRODUCER.

When the product is ready, the Producer could dedicate time to promote the product or find somebody responsible for promoting it – an AFFILIATE.

The Affiliate will start promoting the product using different media and applying different strategies. The goal is to reach out to and find potential customers – REFERRALS.

The effort made by the Affiliate should result in Referrals with a high purchasing potential.

Once the Referral buys the products (BUYER), the Affiliate gets a commission for the product’s sale. The commission an Affiliate can earn varies a lot, but usually, the Producer establishes the percentage from the very beginning.

This is the way the PRODUCER, the AFFILIATE, and the BUYER all win. It’s a real win-win setup. 

Why Affiliate Marketing is a solid business

As mentioned earlier, this system is NOTHING NEW. In fact, it has been in place for years.

To earn a commission for a sale is nothing new, and it has been in practice for many years. Jeff Bezos is often labeled as the founder of affiliate marketing, which isn’t true. However, in the middle of the ’90s, when starting Amazon, he saw tremendous potential in using the system and paying a commission to affiliates who promoted his products.

The Amazon success motivated many other actors in the market to implement an Affiliate Marketing system to promote their products. Today there are companies everywhere globally applying affiliate marketing as an essential part of their strategy for growth.

The past and the future

By digging deeper into affiliate marketing, its history, and future, you can notice the following:

  • It’s not a new system
  • Affiliate marketing is fully mature
  • The rapid growth of Amazon was possible with affiliate marketing
  • This is a trustworthy system
  • You as an individual can use the system as a producer or affiliate

In conclusion, you can trust entirely in the affiliate marketing system. It’s no longer in an experimental phase. It has been proven by many companies as well as successful affiliates that it’s a kind of shortcut to get a business up and running rapidly.

If you have been thinking about being an Affiliate Marketer, continue learning and get onboard as soon as you can. There are plenty of different products and services available for affiliates, and for sure, you will find the one fitting your interests.

Many associate the system only with digital products, but in reality, you can promote anything from physical products and services to digital ones.

Examples of physical products could be beauty articles, vitamins, photos, cleaning articles, books, and many more.

As digital products, you can promote ebooks, digital courses, video channels, digital platforms, and many other products and services.

On the service side, you’ll find consulting, IT service, training courses. Often a service can be offered as something ongoing. You get customers to sign up for a monthly fee, and you earn every month as long as your customer continues as a member. This recurring commission is a very attractive ingredient in affiliate marketing. It gives you a monthly income without making any extra sales effort.

Affiliate platforms

There are more platforms for affiliate marketing than you can imagine. Amazon is one of them, but platforms like Clickbank, Fiverr, Freelance, Aweber are just a few other alternatives to consider. Take your time to investigate carefully. Read all the “small tiny” text where usually all legal conditions and disclaimers are exposed.

Unfortunately, you will also come across less serious companies and even spam. Check the list not to fall into the trap.

The Affiliate business model has a lot of advantages, which is why many decide to enter the system. It could either be as a personal business or as an additional income stream. Here are just a few of all the advantages the system can provide:

  • It’s a proven system, and the risks that it shouldn’t work is something that belongs to the past
  • The process to subscribe is easy, and typically you will be accepted the same day as you apply
  • Once you are subscribed, you can start your affiliate business immediately
  • No need for any own product, as it already exists
  • You don’t need to hold a stock of products
  • No need for a premise to exhibit the product you promote
  • A totally scalable business model
  • You can choose to promote services, physical or digital products
  • The number of possible products to promote is endless
  • There is a vast number of different programs for you. Amazon isn’t the only one
  • You can promote your product or service worldwide
  • All logistics to get the product shipped is on behalf of the producer
  • The producer provides the platform from where you manage your affiliate marketing
  • Service and customer attention is the responsibility of the producer


Affiliate advantages

The above points are the main advantages for you as an affiliate. If you are a producer, the most import is having dedicated people to promote your product or service. You will not need to invest in an expensive sales organization. Your affiliates will take care of everything up till the sales. With more affiliates associated with your platform, more exposure you will have in the market.

But, what will the producer do to know precisely to whom pay the commission when a sale is made? Here the digitalization of life helps a lot. Each affiliate will have a unique ID for each product promoted. With this unique ID, the producer will know exactly to whom the commission corresponds.


To Start Affiliate Marketing is an Easy Way to Create Your Own Online Business

To Start Affiliate MarketingWhat are the advantages for you to start affiliate marketing?


To give you an idea, the commission you can earn can vary from 5% up to 100% (sounds unbelievable, right?). Usually, these 100% commissions are paid when a kind of subscription or membership is involved. You will earn 100% to get the customer on board, and after that, something like 20% to 30% monthly recurring commission.

Sometimes a customer is not satisfied with the purchase made. It’s normal to have a certain percentage of cancellations and nothing to take personally. When it happens, you have to return your gained commission. All this is made automatically through the platform you’re subscribed to.


For sure, you have heard about cookies. Now and then, when visiting a website appears a message like this:

“To have a better browsing experience, cookies are added that you can accept or not.”

But, what is a cookie, and what is the benefit for you as an affiliate?

Cookies are codes obtained from your browser or the device you’re using (computer, tablet, or mobile phone.) Each time you visit a new website, this helps to recognize and save to movements in your browser. The second time you visit the same site, all your information is there, which will speed up your surfing pace considerably.

As an affiliate, the cookies represent an essential alliance for you. It will identify you as the one who created the referral and allow the commission to be associated with your account if a sale is made.

“Without cookies, among other things, it won’t be possible to track the person (affiliate) who brings people to the sales page where the product is promoted.”

On the other side, you need to be aware that a person who visits a sales page WILL NOT BUY the first time visiting the page. Perhaps, the referral has to visit the page 4,5,6 or 7 times to be convinced about the product or service you recommend as an affiliate.

Thanks to the cookies, each time the referral visits the page, you will be identified and considered as the affiliate who initially brought this referral to the page. Suppose the purchase takes place after several visits to the site. In that case, the producer can identify you as the affiliate and pay the commission you have earned.


Remember that cookies have a determined validity time. After a while, the information from the cookies will be lost, and also your affiliate ID. Check this out before you enter an affiliate program. Some are valid only for a month, others for three and even up to 12 months. Cookies will rarely be good forever.

If your referral buys within the valid time frame, you will earn the commission. If not, the producer earns it all. Therefore, it’s important to follow up with your leads to get the purchase to happen within the validity time frame.

Other tracking methods

In the same manner, cookies exist; other methods can track your ID as an affiliate and pay out the commission corresponding to you.

One frequent method is through the IP address. Through the affiliate marketing platform you are connected to, you get an affiliate link. Using this link in your promotion, your affiliate ID will always appear when the referral makes a purchase.

If, for example, your referral decides to clean the cache, all cookies will disappear. If you instead use an affiliate link, you will not “lose” the lead. This method will help the producer identify you as the affiliate, even if the cookie is lost.

No matter which device you are using or which browser is in place, your affiliate ID will always appear when using the affiliate ID link.

Interesting, isn’t it?

There are few systems out there, allowing you to use any described tracking methods and securing that your commission payouts will never be lost.

Launch You

A program allowing you to get your affiliate tracking optimized all the time is the one I’m personally using. Launch You – a system I highly recommend if you would like to start affiliate marketing.

If it sounds interesting, use the button below to explore a complete program for any digital business. You will be trained and connected to one of the most successful affiliate marketing platforms in the market and learn eCommerce and any other online business you would like to do.

Even if this program has many advantages, the affiliate marketing system is essential. You will learn all you need from A to Z.

Despite all these advantages, it’s definitely not a “magic wand,” solving all your problems in life and making you a millionaire overnight by only placing an affiliate link out there. It REQUIRES work and effort to achieve success with the system.

Below you will find the recommended steps to take to achieve the success you are striving for.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing from Scratch

How to Start Affiliate Marketing from ScratchUse all the advantages this system provides. You can use it as soon as you which, and here follows the step-by-step advice.

But, before doing anything else, you should define certain things to not fall into the errors many of us do (including myself) when starting the process, fully pumped up by motivation and enthusiasm.

First, you must define the NICHE to which you would like to market your affiliate product or service. Knowing your niche, you will have a much clearer view of how your offer should be promoted. If you get confused about how to define your niche, don’t worry. The beauty of the Launch You system is that you will find courses helping you in detail to determine your niche.

Secondly, by defining a niche, you determine your typical buyer. Now, you should define your AVATAR, to which you are going to promote your product.

Confused? Don’t worry!

Find your course

In Launch You, you will find a specific course on how to define your avatar.

Once you have worked out these two crucial steps, NICHE and AVATAR, it’s time to get it all set up. Use the following advice to no miss out on anything important:

  • Once your niche and avatar are well defined, select the product or service you would like to promote. This will help you to choose the right platform. If you prefer many different choices, the system I use will make a perfect fit.
  • Search for an affiliate program that you like the most. Remember the crucial variables mentioned earlier. In Launch You, you will for sure find an exciting alternative.
  • Register all your data and obtain acceptance as an affiliate. A step-by-step registration process will always be a preference not to miss any important data.
  • To build your business with leads and potential customers, you need a system to automate all marketing. You need an AUTORESPONDER. There are many in the market, but Aweber is the one I recommend. It’s user-friendly, and they have outstanding service.

Some producers give you an affiliate ID to promote their products and a whole battery of promotion material to help you promote them more easily and professionally to the market.

You will save a lot of time, money, and effort to connect to these platforms. After all, we are talking about a win-win situation.

“This is business has a lot of advantages and opportunities, but the time your dedicate to the niche to which you would like to sell, as well as the strategies you use, will define how fast you will achieve results. The results will vary from person to person.”

Three essential steps

The final words before you start to draw your conclusions and to achieve the success you strive for we can condense into the following three steps:

  1. Be sure you are promoting a winning product
  2. Use a great sales system
  3. Create effective publicity

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