Nobody can escape time, but you can choose to use it as an asset and just start your life over again.

This two-part article will guide you through step by step on how to start your life over again when your life pattern is interrupted in one way or another.

Age is one of the most common obstacles for 50+ people when circumstances will force you to take a major decision and start your life over again.

Mentally the 50+ age is the moment when you start to slow down and to think about retirement. Maybe you have been working hard your whole life and convince yourself that you deserve something different. You search spontaneously for a relaxed lifestyle when you finally can do what you love to do.

Then, like a blizzard from a blue sky, you are laid off. Maybe your company is sold, or are cutting personnel for other reasons. Whatever the reason is, your dreams you started to build up collapse as a fragile house of cards.

You don’t even think about to start your life over again. Recognizing that the tight labor market does not search for senior people, is for many a cruel reality. You may have a lot of experience and knowledge. The fact is that 50+ people are not very attractive for a company.

In her article “How Old Is Too Old At Work?” Kristi Edges call it discrimination. But she can’t deny that 50+ employees get a different treatment.

When waking up from the chock and being aware of the fact you’ll have two choices. Start your life over again, or lay down and “die.” It could be wise to take some advice from people who have gone through the same experience.

To Start Your Life Over Again Goes For Any Age


Start Your Life Over Again at Any AgeWhat if you could have a toolbox to start your life over again successfully?

The good news is that there is a toolbox available. In a while, you’ll get the 6 tools you’ll need to start your life over again. They are valid for any re-start from relationships to business and entrepreneurship.

But first, let’s face the traditional pattern. From a young career-hungry university student to a 50+ (or older) individual.

We, baby boomers, are accustomed to a specific path with a relatively “secure and safe” chain. Most of the perceived goals will be achieved one by one. It’s a kind of cycle where every step has its given place.

Every model, whatever it is for, most has a timeline. If you view life as a cycle, age is the most natural “timeline” to use. Without even being conscious of it, you’ll start using your age as something to measure achievements.

When the famous musician Billy Joel at the age of 66 and Alexis Roderick 33 years younger, become a couple on the 4th of July, 2015, was age an obstacle? Probably not!

Or, the actor Johnny Depp who got engaged to actress Amber Heard back in 2014, with an age gap of 23 years, did age has a major influence in making them a couple? Of course not!

Ray Kroc, who made McDonald’s to a famous fast-food chain in his early 50ths, was age an issue to start his project? Nop!

What motivated Carol Sanders to start up Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of 65? Well, at least the age didn’t hold him back.

The magazine “Entrepreneur” has several articles about successful entrepreneurs who started over again at a mature age.

Follow Real Examples And Start Your Life Over Again

With so many proven examples of 50+ people who successfully have made something significant of their lives, why shouldn’t you be able to start your life over again?

If still doubting about your age, take a look at this list, and ask yourself again why you shouldn’t be able to start something new in your life.

In our society exist “rules” of what everything should look like, how a 70 years lady should dress, how a 65 years gentleman should behave but also how we expect the younger generation to act.

Start your life over again by following the examplesWhen Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones are on stage, do they act or do they dress as typical 70+ years old men? Not at all!

The first and most important part to change, and to start your life over again, is to kill once and for all the dogma that age is a crucial variable. Age is a figure to which you need to have the correct relationship.

The biological aging that comes with your genetic heritage you can compensate to some extent with proper eating and drinking, as well as physical activities. The rest is just the age label you put on yourself.

Within five days the second and last part of this article will be published. Stay tuned and do not miss the 6 tools you will need to make the change in your life that you deserve.

At the age of 62, the company I had served for many years took another route, which didn’t go with my goals in life. Fortunately, the online business industry got me to take another path. In fact, my entire lifestyle starts to change.

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