You can’t escape time, but you can choose to embrace it as an asset and just start your life over again.

Age is one of the most common obstacles for 50+ people. Circumstances will force you to take a major decision and start your life over. The intention of this blog post is to give you a toolbox to successfully start your life over again. Your age doesn’t matter. And it’s valid for any re-start from relationships to business and entrepreneurship.

Let’s face the traditional pattern from a young career-hungry university student to a 50+. They are all individuals viewing retirement as something coming closer. We who belong to the baby boomer group are familiar with a certain path with a relatively “secure and safe” chain. Most of the goals we perceive we achieve one by one. It’s a kind of cycle where every step has its place.

Every model, whatever it is for, most has a timeline. If you view life as a cycle, age is the most natural “timeline” to use. Without even being conscious of it, you’ll start using your age as something to measure achievements.

Age and achievements

When the famous musician Billy Joel at the age of 66 and Alexis Roderick 33 years younger, become a couple on the 4th of July, 2015, was the age an obstacle? Probably not!

Ray Kroc, who made McDonald’s to a famous fast-food chain in his early 50ths, was age an issue to start his project? Nop!

What motivated Carol Sanders to start up Kentucky Fried Chicken at an age of 65? Well, at least the age didn’t hold him back.

The magazine “Entrepreneur” has several articles about successful entrepreneurs who started over again at a mature age.

With so many proven examples of 50+ people who successfully have made something significant of their lives, why shouldn’t you be able to start your life over again?

In our society exist “rules” of what everything should look like, how a 70 years lady should be dressed, how a 65 years gentleman should behave but also how we expect the younger generation to act.

When Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones are on stage, do they act or do they dress as typical 70 years old men? Not at all!

The first and most important part to change, and to start your life over, is to kill once and for all the dogma that age is a crucial variable. Age is a figure you need to have the correct relationship to. The biological aging that comes with your genetic heritage you can compensate to some extent with proper eating and drinking, as well as physical activities. The rest is just the age label you put on yourself.


Where to Begin After Deciding To Start Your Life Over?

Whatever your path will be to start your life over, the first and indispensable step to take is to get rid of all negativity. Take a look at all people surrounding you and you’ll find that we as humans are experts in spreading negative messages, without any attempt to turn people down or demotivate people we have a relationship with.

Erase negativity

Is that possible? Can you really do that? At your age? Are you not afraid to fail? These phrases are just a few examples of expressions with a negative touch and can harm your intention tremendously as we all are vulnerable before taking an important decision.

When you hear those negative words, and be sure you will, most probably the person who delivered the message isn’t strong enough to take up the challenge you are just a few steps away from.

Make it a habit to always convert “No, I can’t” into Yes, I can.”

Be grateful

Whatever hits you in life forcing you to start over again, there are always things, happenings, and people to be grateful for. Maybe you have beautiful grandchildren lighting up your life; perhaps you are living in a place that should make other people jealous. Think daily about what makes you happy, be grateful, and use it to give your daily dose of positive energy.

Remember that your good friends and great family are unique gifts, and love will help see you through hard times

Find out where you are lucky and you will create a sense of optimism that will spread into all other areas of your life.

Discover your passion

A lot of people have not yet found their passion, and it can be for many different reasons. We all came to this earth for a reason, and it would really be a pity if you have to leave without discovering and practice the pure passion of your life.

Passion will be the primary fuel for whatever change you will make to your life.

Maybe you lost your job after many years doing something that you didn’t like to do anyway. Let’s say that you like running (as I do), but your age, physical condition, or whatever other reason that pops up, will not make it possible to make a living of your running as the professional African runners. But maybe you can get a job in a sport shop giving advice to other runners about what shoes to use, and you’ll be doing something you are passionate to do. Or maybe you start up your own online business as a running coach. Your imagination is the limit of what you can do out of your passion.

And starting a business online is much easier than you ever have thought.

When you feel that your day had a purpose and that you liked what you did, that’s the point when your passion has got the place it deserves in your life.

Find out what is one thing you can do right now that will have the most positive impact. In the same manner, what can you stop doing right now that has the most negative impact? Go and do it!

Make a plan

It has been said so many times on so many different occasions and forums, but it has to be underlined again. A plan is a roadmap towards your goal and to successfully start over again. The plan will be your daily guideline of how to achieve your goal. See my blog post of the 19th of April, 2015 where the construction of a good and realistic plan was revealed in detail.

During this fascinating journey towards a new lifestyle, there will be many roadblocks and failures that will be common ingredients. Your plan will help you to get up on the road again.

Step by step

Taking action is the vital key to achieving any goal. If your goal is something big and serious, it will not be a dream that comes to you. You will have to go out and get it. It takes hard work.

But always remember, if you have started you have already taken the first, important and critical step:

getting started.

A successful continuation requires things to be done step by step. Stick to the plan and do not get overwhelmed. With consistency, moving one step at a time will cause you to live and achieve the life of your dream.

Reward yourself

The journey that will take you to your goal will include plenty of failures, frustrations, roadblocks as well as achievements. Often you will be focused on how to avoid the negative moments, so you forget the accomplishments along the road. Take as a rule to always celebrate any achievement, no matter if a big a small victory.

Implementing your personal reward procedure for any achievement, you’ll find out that the number of victories will be higher than failures and other negative happenings along the road.

Rewards will be the most important part to get a “never-give-up” attitude in your attempt to start your life over again.

“It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?” – Jim Carrey


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