Is an online business a feasible alternative for you as a baby boomer?

Let’s dive right into the facts about baby boomers, online business, and entrepreneurship in general. The Kaufmann Index (U.S. only) indicates that 1996 14.8% of new entrepreneurs were older than 55 years. For 2015 the figure for the same age range is 24.3%.

There are various reasons why boomers view the entrepreneurship as an interesting alternative:

  1. Experienced “enough” – the old traditional career ladder was to get a good education, search for a job and climb the ladder as the opportunities appear. With the age and the new way of thinking, many boomers come to the conclusion that their knowledge and experience could pay off much better if creating their own business. The business online has attracted many boomers searching for the right challenge.
  2. Change in the labor market – According to a recently released report from the World Economic Forum; globally it’s calculated that more than 5 million jobs will disappear over the period 2015-2020. Automation of literally everything trigger baby boomers to search for new opportunities as independent entrepreneurs
  3. No sufficient pension funds – when the date of retirement comes closer a lot of people notice that the living on the pension funds will imply a dramatic change of lifestyle. In many cases, the income as retiree will decrease dramatically
  4. The need of business activity – a lot of boomers just can´t afford a “calm” life after a labor life of high intensity. Playing with the grandkids and working on the golf swing the whole day long, some retired people just can´t stand it. A part-time business activity from home with all the involved flexibility is a perfect fit for those boomers.

An Online Business Covers All Types Of Needs

Online business for all needs

Online business for all needs

It’s true that still a lot of people retire completely from work at the age of 65. However, according to the publication Today, 2012 18.5% of individuals older than 65 still are working actively. That´s up by nearly 8% from 1985, to just get some kind of reference.

Many studies show that baby boomers are more fit to start their own business than the younger generations. The main arguments are:

  • Mature and experienced
  • Extensive network of people
  • Usually financially solid to afford investments

You may have noticed that the world is changing rapidly, but the millennials might not be leading the pack as some might imagine. Some decades ago it was true that you needed certain technical skills to be able to do any business where the Internet was involved.

Today’s reality is completely different, and if you know how to turn on and off a computer, you are highly qualified for an online business.

Where to start?

Read my article from the 17th of June, 2016, “How Do You Start Your Life Over At 50+.” There you will get all details about what is holding back people even to try starting an online business. Secondly, you will get the basic foundations of how to start your digital adventure in a correct way.

How To Set Up Your Online Business

Set up your online business

Set up your online business

Even if everyone with a correct mindset and willingness to learn can do business online, there are a few things you must know.

The good thing is that you can get it all in one complete package. We are talking about education and training. You will also get access to a platform to manage your online business and all the necessary support and coaching.

As a typical baby boomer, tired of my 9-5 corporate job, a few years ago stumbling around on the Internet, I came across the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). A “random” click on their link, changed my lifestyle completely.

What impress you immediately, is how everything comes “served on silver platter.” Everything you need to for your start-up will be offered to you. You don’t even have to sell anything, as the system is built around affiliate marketing.

From a personal perspective, I have the freedom to dedicate time to the business exclusively on my terms. You can easily combine your online business with the life as a retiree. As a passionate marathon runner, with a time-consuming training schedule, the SFM online business fits perfectly into my way of living.

The flexibility to travel together with my wife, to see our children and grandchildren, do not cause any problem at all. I can be wherever I want and whenever I want. With my laptop, and sometimes only my smartphone, an Internet connection, I’m in business.

I know, it sounds too easy to be true. Therefore, click here and try it out yourself for free during 30 days.

….And The Answer Is:

Now back to the initial question: “When Are You Too Old To Start Your Online Business?”

Probably you already figure out that the correct answer is Never!

To do business online is not an age issue but a question of mindset and motivation to make it happen.

Click the box below and find out how easy it is!

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