Successful affiliate marketing as an online business makes a perfect fit

To run your successful affiliate marketing business can be much easier than what you imagine.

During the month of September, you could read two of my blog posts that caused a lot of interest.

The first one was, “5 Proven Steps for Running a Profitable Online Business”. We talked about the fundamental steps to run a profitable business online in general.

The follow up was published 5 days later, “What Mindset do You Need to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing Online?”.There we went more into successful affiliate marketing in particular.

If my passions for running marathons and online business as an independent entrepreneur, match each other in many ways, the leverage between online business and successful affiliate marketing should match each other even better.

Let’s define what affiliate marketing is. It’s an easy way to start your own business without having your own product. You sell the product for somebody else, and for that, you earn a commission.

“So what!”, you may say. That kind of system having sales representatives selling your product isn’t new. It’s an old traditional sales formula. You’re right. However, doing the sales or the business online modify the “old traditional formula” with a few new steps. We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Needs a Bussines Platform

Successful affiliate marketing on a platform

Now, let’s have a look at the online business, no matter what you’re promoting.

Successful affiliate marketing is focusing on the sales process and the product. An online business is a platform from where you’re going to sell the product. Referring to the traditional offline marketing, then an online business is your “shop” from where you’re going to make your sales.

Shops will not generate sales if they don’t have different marketing activities around the store and the product. All that together is your business. An online business follows more or less the same pattern.

In online business, some fundamentals never can be missing. For example, you must have a website where you explain your business. You need to inform your potential customer base about your values, vision, and mission.

The trust you build through your website will give your audience confidence to dig deeper into your business and see what you’re offering. It’s like getting customers to open the door and enter your shop.

The big difference between offline sales (for example in a store) and online business, is that in a shop you have visual face-to-face contact with the customer, which isn’t the case in an online business.

Therefore, an online business requires a well-developed sales funnel where the potential customer is guided through the whole sales process.

To manage an online business successfully, you will need a professional platform where potential customers are directed through the funnel in an automated way.

To build such an online platform takes time, knowledge and a lot of money.

What makes online business possible for all people with the correct mindset, is that you can get access to sophisticated platforms that already exist. They provide all the automation you need at a ridiculously low cost.

Further, you get all the training and support you need to build your successful affiliate marketing business online.

Three Important Parts for Successful Affiliate Marketing

3 parts for successful affiliate marketingAs mentioned earlier, the online business differs from the offline store. You usually don’t have any face-to-face contact with your prospect.

When somebody signs up to whatever you’re selling, in successful affiliate marketing there are two more steps to do before you’re ready.

If your customer bought something, she or he is motivated and open to listening to your further proposal. It’s when you need to do your intent to an upsell.

What is an upsell?

It’s when your motivated customer gets the alternative to improve the recently made purchase with an even better option. It gives the customer a higher level of satisfaction, and you will enhance your revenue regarding CLV (Customer Lifetime Value.)

The third step in successful affiliate marketing is to get your customer to subscribe to something in your offer, assuring a passive or residual income. This means that your subscribers pay every month for a connection to, let’s say a service system, providing necessary support to the product they bought earlier.

Your Successful Affiliate Marketing and Online Business on the Same Platform

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Since the Internet and all online related activities are becoming easier every day, today everyone who wants to create a successful affiliate marketing business online can do it without any previous knowledge.

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