A successful lead capture formula represents the basics for any business


Does a successful lead capture formula really exist? At least, this is a question all marketers sometimes raise in their life.

If you already are into the marketing world, and particularly the online marketing niche, for sure, there is a phrase you have heard hundreds of times.

The money is in the list.”

If you still haven’t started your business, first thing first, and let’s define what we mean by a “lead.”

This is how HubSpot defines it:

“A lead is any person who indicates interest in a company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form.”


Build your list

If you are doing business online, somebody gives their contact information, typically the email address. You’re building your list and create a valuable asset for your business. With your list, you can do massive marketing the way you prefer. In today’s digital environment exists excellent software to build your list, as big as you want. Once the list starts to grow, you can automate literally everything, and by doing a few clicks your marketing message will go out to thousands of your your leads on your list.

However, for a successful lead capture formula, the list must have a certain quality. Otherwise, it will just be a simple list, like a telephone directory.

There are many different ways of generating leads. Still, if they do not have the potential for future purchases, the list is just a list and nothing else.

A successful lead capture formula should include people who have an interest in your product or service. The leads can be “hot,” “warm,” and even “cold,” and if they do not fall into any of these categories, for sure, they will sooner or later unsubscribe from your list.

This article will show the basic formula, which can be extended in many different ways when you get more experienced.


R.O.T – the Basics for a Successful Lead Capture Formula 


Basics for a Successful Lead Capture Formula All formulas and this one isn’t an exception; you always have to tune into the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) channel.

What is the result the customer can expect?

What objection might the customer have?

How long time will it take to see results?

Let’s assume that your customer is searching for a program to lose weight. The R.O.T formula could be something like this:

Result: Losing a determined number of kilos

Objection: the cost

Time: 5 months

When starting to promote your service or program to the leads fulfilling the above criterion, on which part do you think that you have to focus?

In an article I wrote four years ago, objections are under the highlight. Think about it, whenever somebody doesn’t buy from you, there is always an argument. In our world, we call it for an objection.

If the objection is resolved, you will be ready to help the customer with the closing, or in other words, enabling the customer to take out the credit card and purchase.

Remember the two golden rules about your customer, potential customers, or leads.

Rule No.1. The customer is always right.

Rule No.2. If the customer for any reason isn’t right, automatically rule No. 1 will come into force.

Suppose you start to argue with a customer. In that case, you will almost always lose the argumentation, no matter how valid your argument is.


Where to Start With Your Successful Lead Capture Formula?

Where to start for a Successful Lead Capture Formula Thus, your work when qualifying your leads is to figure out what the customer expects or needs. In this formula, it’s labeled as “Result.” When that is done, find out the “Objections” the customer might have. And finally, solve the “Time” issue.

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