Some try to survive Mondays while others just hate them. To which group do you belong?

To survive Mondays, 52 times a year, isn’t that weird? You know that a new Monday is coming every single week. Still, you accept it something necessarily evil to put in your weekly plan.

Forget about hating or disliking certain days of the week. Doing your very best to just survive Mondays is to fool around with yourself. Monday or any other day of the week represents 12,5% of your life. If you view it that way, are you willing to live unhappy 12,5% of your life?

With this somewhat provoking introduction, let’s find out why this Monday syndrome exists. If you read the entire article, you will also get a solution, and you will never have to “survive Mondays” again.

Since childhood, we are educated and told to act and behave in a certain way. From home, your parents are the predominant “teachers.” At school, the teachers partly take over the duty of your parents.

The evolution of a newborn child to an independent adult goes through many different phases.

Therefore, the influences from parents, other older family members, and teachers form an essential part of how you will perceive things later on in your life.

The New York Times article, “Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain,” confirms the importance of teachers’ influence.


Getting a good job….

As a young child and a young teenager, they “brainwash” you about the importance of getting a good education. This will later in life, lead to a good job. A good job means a position with an “acceptable” reputation and a good salary.

The importance of getting a job that you really like is secondary. But on the other hand, with no job experience, how can you know what you want and don’t like?

The unique situation we all are going through right now is changing everything. Who could guess that a deadly virus should wake us up?

With the home office mode and all people who lost their jobs, the pandemic influences every person’s mindset. The future isn’t that safe that you thought, and any external incident or happening can change everything.


To do What You Like is The Key to Survive Mondays Correctly

The Key to Survive Mondays CorrectlyAs a kid, they ask you what you are going to do when you grow up. Suppose all those wishes young kids have should come true. In that case, the world should have an overpopulation of firemen, polices, pilots, nurses, doctors, and astronauts.

Those desires are sincere, and you proudly announce them before they teach you to choose a profession to make a living. All according to your mentors (i.e., parents, family, and teachers.)

Fortunately, many of us get a job we like and can engage with. But it doesn’t mean that we fulfill the dream from childhood.

The old traditional way of life and done by most people is to get an education, get a job, and trade your time and knowledge for a monthly paycheck. Many people do not even like their job. According to an article in Forbes magazine, more than 50% of American people dislike their jobs. Since 1987 the figure of individuals disliking their jobs has continually increased.

The lack of satisfaction with the job is why Monday syndrome is growing bigger and bigger. The typical answer and also the standard intent of the solution is to change the job. It sounds good as a theory, but how easy is that?


The world is changing 

In today’s environment, step by step, the digitalization is taking over everything, including traditional jobs. It’s the right timing to re-live the dreams we all have deep inside. You need to create your future under the new conditions we all are facing.

In my case, over 30 years of a successful corporate career, to finally wake up and realize that happiness in life is something else.

Recognitions and good earnings are always welcome, but they can never replace the fulfillment of a dream.

As a senior person, officially in the age of retirement, my engagement has never been higher. I’m really passionate about what I’m doing.

I’m on a mission to help other people wake up from their hating Monday lie with my online business. It’s nothing wrong with Mondays or any other day in the week neither. What is wrong is what you are doing to hate a day that much.

Or, as Ed Harrold says in his article “Why Do We Hate Mondays?” in the Huffington Post: 

“We are only a victim of ourselves.”

It can look like a cliché, but the reality repeatedly shows that when you’re doing what you love to do, every day of the week is a gift you get for free every day. Even on Mondays!


The First Step to Survive Mondays Should not be to Quit Your Job


First Step to Survive MondaysWithout being aware of it, I was a Monday victim when starting my online marketing journey. ¡

Keeping your job while starting up your online business, then affiliate marketing is a perfect business formula. You don’t need to worry about products, warehouses, sales, or anything else you must do in a traditional offline business.

Your time is limited as you continue your corporate job and bringing in money to cover your monthly costs. Later, when going full time with your online marketing, you can expand your business into other areas. The possibilities are literally unlimited.

Figure out how the online affiliate system can change your life. Click here, and start being a Monday lover today.

The statement,

“Today is a good day to die,”

has been used for many different occasions. Let’s rebuild the quote somewhat and say:

“Today is a good day to start a new lifestyle.”

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