You are the master of your destiny when these things are in place…. 

The master of your destiny should only be you and no one else. Unfortunately, many let external circumstances be the “director of the orchestra.”

Often we refuse to take command of our own lives, due to lack of knowledge about how to become the master of your destiny. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to get out of this annoying rabbit wheel.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”  – Mark Twain

It’s not so complicated to explain why you are born. But many do not understand why. They do not find their mission in life, and only follow the stream influenced by thousands of different things and people.

To find the reason you are here on this earth, you must be the master of your destiny. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to ideas and advice, but in the end, it should always be you who take the decision.

I always do like this,”

“I am used to it this way,”

“Why change something that works?”,

“They taught to handle it in this manner,”

“Keeping a routine makes life easy.”

Can you relate to these phrases?

You can probably do it because they are so common. Habits are something natural for us as humans. We learn something, we practice it, and suddenly we feel that we master the pattern. The next step is just to repeat it over and over again.

The comfort zone

On one side, we feel proud of ourselves because we really master something, and maybe we do it really well. On the other hand, and often without thinking about it, we have created a habit.

The negative side of a habit is that it helps us to make a foundation of our so “badly needed” comfort zone.

People who love comfort zones usually are the kind of people who graduate from school, get an OK employment, earn decent money, and stay with the same employer for the rest of their lives. No risk-taking and no challenges neither. For some people, this is a perfect lifestyle, and they should be given all respect for that.

What happens, for example, if they lose their jobs for reasons out of their control? Maybe the company closes down or merge with other enterprises in the industry. Perhaps the Coronavirus pandemic made your job position disappear.

First of all, they will automatically be pushed out of their self-created box of comfort. As you can imagine, this scenario can generate tragedies without any preparation of an action plan if the “impossible” would happen.

During the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968, many things happened that have been used multiples times to describe different behaviors and events.

Changing habits

Dick Fosbury had a dramatic impact when the men´s high jump competition started. The jumping style so far, and if you want, the jumping habit, was the straddle technique. Suddenly Dick Fosbury appears, and millions of people couldn’t believe what they saw on the TV screen.

Changing habitsAgainst all “rules,” he seemed to do everything differently. It all started with the initial running, made in a curve, and ended with a twisted flop to “fly” over the bar with the upper part of the body. The legs come over at the end of the jump. All seemed to be executed backward.

The Fosbury Flop was born. Dick Fosbury won the gold medal by setting a New Olympic Record with 2 meters and 24 centimeters.

Absolutely everything changed in the high jumping world. Today, the younger generation does not even know about any other jumping style. Talk about changing a habit.

Changing habits does not necessarily have to be such a big thing as the Olympic Games. In our daily life, we are applying habits multiples times without even thinking about it. Call it routines or whatever you want, but life would be difficult if we hadn’t those habits.

One of my favorite blogs I am following is one of James Clear. Among a lot of his life improving advice, he is talking a lot about habits, how to use them, and how to change them if needed. I recommend reading his e-book named Transform Your Habits, which you can download for free.


You are the Master of your Destiny

You are the Master of your DestinyYou may argue that it isn’t that easy to change a habit, and you’re right, as long as you are not willing to do it. But you need a working plan to make it happen.

The following five steps are proven steps to really let it all become true.

Truly believe in your destiny

Too often, people decide to do things in life that are influenced by others, what is popular for the moment, or what is pinpointed as lifestyles to follow, often created by social media and influencers.

Take a moment, ALONE. Talk to yourself. Think it through from different points of view. Challenge it as much as you can. If the idea comes out “alive,” then decide to make it happen. Nothing can stop you. It’s your life, and it’s your decision.

It must be something you are passionate about doing, not for a day, a week, or a year, but for the rest of your life. You will do it with pleasure and joy, not because you have to, but because you love what you are doing.

Let this initial step take the time you need because it will be the base to becoming a master of your destiny.

Plan your journey

Now starts the thrilling part of the steps to take, planning your future actions to take.

For sure, you will come across a lot of hurdles on your way. But nothing can stop you, and the obstacles even trigger you more to continue your project. Every single achievement represents a motivation kick forward. But also every failure makes you stronger. It’s the necessary testing part of the journey. Without trying, you’ll never know.

Make long term plans, yearly, monthly and weekly programs. Every day you wake up, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to do because it’s based on a detailed plan.

Choose the tools you will need. 

This part uses to be an exciting and joyful section of your project. At this point, you have found out that you can’t achieve your goal without support. The advantage of today is that you can find everything on the Internet.

When I started my “life project” after more than 30 years in the corporate world to help typical baby boomers like me to explore their true passion, this part of the journey changed everything.

As a passionate marathon runner, retired person, and dream to finally create your own business on your terms, I started to search online to find what’s available.

Not in my wildest fantasy, I could believe that so many systems and platforms should be there in the market. Like almost all newbies in the online business world, I felt trapped in all the false scams, promising you to become a millionaire in the next coming weeks. These traps are failures that make many people to through in the towel. However, in most cases, the problem is not such an excellent decision about a true passionate destiny. For any obstacle, the end of the journey will be close.

In my cases, the continuation to find what I was searching for, got even more intense. None of these “fluffy” scams should break me down.

Within short, I found what I needed, and for almost 7 years, I have created my business on the platform that perfectly fits my needs.

Let flexibility be one of your weapons

The world of today is fast and in a continuous mode of change. If you belong to the same generation as I do, you’re accustomed to learning a skill and stick to it for the rest of your life. The digital world doesn’t work like that. In the beginning, it’s a bit frustrating to never know it all. It’s like starting to study for a university degree. You will never get your title because the course content changes are faster than your speed of studying.

In the beginning, it felt like a Moment22 situation. The advantage of belonging to the digital system and community I do is that the system itself fills up all you need. You can get the necessary updates when you want. Outsourcing is a part of the digital entrepreneur’s lifestyle.

Early in the process, when starting to build my list of potential customers, I found out that it’s impossible to contact thousands of people in direct daily contact. You need to have software that can handle the communication for you. To automate my daily newsletters and broadcasts wouldn’t be possible without appropriate software.

All in or nothing

Once you’re “trapped” by your passion, there is nothing that can stop you. You have a mission, and you are the master of your destiny. Use it and turn your passion into a business you never thought would be possible.

The goals will not be reached without hurdles, pain, frustration, and failures. You are not on a modern autobahn in Germany but on a bumpy country road. It’s a tough race, and you will need to be in contact with likeminded people making the same journey.

The platform I’m connected to allows me to access one of the most significant communities in the industry. By sharing problems and successes, we all progress, at different paces, always forward and never backward.

In this phase, your results start to be clear and visible. It’s time to scale up. All the experience you gain during the journey will be your personal asset. Your second journey will not be on that bumpy country road again, but more like a Route 66, so just….

Rinse and Repeat!


Where, How, and When to Start to Become the Master of Your Destiny?

You never take on your shoes before your pants are on. It sounds ridiculously logical, but do you know what? A lot of people “put on the shoes” and believe that success will appear.

Start with defining your destiny genuinely based on your dreams. It’s WHERE you should start.

Step two to five should be the path of doing it, in that order; Plan-Choose-be Flexible-Go For it – ALL IN! That’s the way HOW you should do it!

The time to start the journey, it’s all up to you. WHEN you are ready with the previous steps, you should just make it happen.

If it sounds interesting to become master of your destiny, copying my journey, then click the banner below, and let it happen right now!

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