What Does A Runner Think About While Running

Running and thinking
Running and thinking

When running, all solutions pop up at the same pace as my stride.

As a passionate runner, training at least five days a week, a lot of people have asked me what I’m thinking about when I’m out there running. I assume they refer to the long runs that sometimes can last up to 3 hours.

The first thing to point out is that there is an enormous difference between what you have moving in your head during a regular training session versus a race.

We runners who are getting out of bed 5 o’clock in the morning during summer time to avoid the high temperature, are often seen as “crazy” people. The truth is that the burning passion we have for our sport makes us do the most unbelievable things to squeeze out a maximum of what we are doing.

The same goes for genuine and passionate entrepreneurs. Outsiders often see them as stubborn people almost obsessed by an idea. Long days and nights. Nothing can stop us!

The synergies are many and who knows if a passionate marathon runner makes a good entrepreneur or vice verse.

Marathon Training Is Not Only About Running

More than running
More than running

The passion for the running you need to divide into two parts, the training, and the races.

If you seriously would like to go for the marathons, a professional training program is the key to success. It sounds more complicated than what it is. You can download a good program on the Internet that also fits into your goals and ambitions.

The running part of the program you can divide into three different parts. Interval training, tempo and power or strength training, and finally the so important long runs. Altogether, you get distance, strength and speed in a well-balanced portion.

The so important workouts in the gym you also need to include in a training program. During 26.2 miles, or 42 kilometers your body must be prepared for the over 46 thousand times your feet will hit the ground. Your muscles and bones will soar, and the best way to prevent serious injuries is by regular workouts in the gym

The Running Brainstorm

Running brainstorming
Running brainstorming

All training sessions except the long runs, the concentration is very much focused on getting the repetitions right. It can be everything from keeping a good and even speed when doing intervals to optimizing the number of repetitions and weight when doing gym training.

What you learn from these sessions are discipline and focus. That will be something of high value when working as an independent entrepreneur, getting your business up to speed.

During the long runs, there are mainly two things to keep an eye on. The pace and getting properly hydrated. After a while, you get quite experienced, and the running sessions are going more or less on autopilot.

Some people prefer to run with a headset listening to their favorite music while running. Sometimes I do it as well, but my preference is to run without music and listen to the sound surrounding you.

These sessions, running long distances during 2-3 hours, are probably the most productive in my life. It’s not only the running itself but all the ideas of different natures that are crossing through my head.

It’s the most productive brainstorming I can have.

Nothing disturbs you. It’s you, the beautiful environment where you are running, and a couple of hours for personal brainstorming.

Many problems get a solution during these running sessions. Many new ideas have seen the daylight during my brainstorming while running.

Today it’s very common that people do meditation to get in balance with themselves and at the end be more productive and happy with themselves.

Running is my meditation.

Racing Is Much More Than Running

Racing and running
Racing and running

To prepare yourself properly for a full marathon race you need at least six months of harsh and disciplined training. Since years back I typically run 2-3 marathon races per year, a couple of half marathons and some 10K races.

The never ending race program means that the training is something ongoing the whole year around. I just take a slow down period around Christmas and New Year.

When lining up in the starting blocks, with plenty of miles behind you during different training sessions, you feel (and probably also behave) like a raging bull ready to enter the bullfighting ring.

You’re focused, concentrated and ready to run. What’s in your mind? Only one single thing: keeping the pre-decided pace. All marathon runners know that an even pace will help you a lot to achieve the finish time you have as your goal.

According to various studies over 40% of marathon runners focus only on pace and distance during the race.

The race is the race and nothing else. It’s like building a business, and when the launching date is there, you only focus on getting the launch to be a great success. It’s not the moment to think about what you should have done better to prepare yourself. It’s not the time to regret things you should have done differently. It’s your race day, and you just have to rely on all your preparation and go for the success.

Running marathons, running a business as an entrepreneur or both we are all “crazy” and stubborn. That makes us to unique individuals with a goal minded attitude.

There is only one direction:


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