Leave your job and do something you love to do, all on your terms

To leave your job will never happen for the majority of people. The lack of belief in finding something better holds back most people.

Let’s face it, to quit your job sounds like a significant decision in life. Just the uncertainty to break the labor relationship with a corporation that has become your second home is a too scary step to take.

With the dramatic changes and the rapid evolution in almost all industries, to leave your job will soon be a regular activity in people’s way of living. With steadily increasing unemployment figures we can no longer ignore the changes in the labor market.

And we all know the keyword that is causing all these changes:


A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research comes up with some eye-catching figures. According to their research, every new robot put into work will eliminate 3 to 5.6 jobs.

As the implementation of robots also is more cost-effective, it will have a negative effect on the wages for the remaining.

To be competitive, all actors need to cut their costs. Automation is the only sustainable way of doing it.

Will The Robots Force You To Leave Your Job?

Time to leave your job

But what has this to do with if you need to leave your job or not? Well, directly it hasn’t. But if you don’t wake up and recognize the reality, your employer might fire you sooner than what you think. When reading the article “What jobs are being taken over by robots and computers?” published by Computer Hope, you’ll be recognizing two things:

  1. It seems that almost everything will be automated in the future
  2. Many of the automation predictions are already realities in your daily life

To put some icing on the cake, according to CNN Tech 38% of jobs in the U.S. are at high risk of being replaced by automation over the next 15 years. For the U.K the figure is 30% and for Japan 21%.

With this little introduction, we’ll get today’s situation framed into a new perspective. The market is overloaded by people searching for jobs, while the number of job opportunities is diminishing every day.

There are two different categories of people leaving their jobs:

  1. People who are laid off, or to use the more well-known word, they are fired
  2. People who find a better job and are moving forward in their career

Logically the first category of people has to search for something new to do, but what about the second group?

Some of the following five signs to know that it’s time to leave your job could be a surprise. Personally, I like No.5 the best. In a moment you’ll understand why.

#1. When you’re unhappy most of the time, you better leave your job

The legendary Monday blues is sometimes a standard joke to justify the laziness you feel about start working again after a too short weekend. But in many cases, it’s a severe issue.

Many people can enter into a sort of depression mode already on Sunday, just because of the upcoming Monday. If you consistently have that feeling, do not suffer anymore!

The advice given in this article by Amy Rees Anderson might help you to take the necessary step towards something new. Search for something that you feel more passionate about.

The day you leave your job, you will feel released. Hopefully, the next position will be the right one for you.

#2. Time to leave your job if there is no company vision-mission-value statement

Believe me, but there still exist companies where earnings and profit are the only goals to go after.

Do not only leave your job but run away from it as soon as you ever can.

It’s true that all private companies must have a crystal clear budget and clear goals as to revenues and profit. However, the company’s success that finally generate the profit must have its base on a clear vision and mission.

If no one in the company, including your boss and the top management team, can’t articulate the vision, mission, and values of the company, something is wrong that won’t give a promising future for the organization.

A vision, mission, value statement answers the question what, why and who. Without having that clear, the organization you’re working for is running around like a headless hen.

There are three important things you can’t do without a vision, mission and value statement. And these three things are fundamental to any organization.

It could even be enough that you find yourself questioning the future of the company and the way you are involved. If you have that feeling, it’s probably time to leave your job.

#3. Leave your job for more freedom

No matter if employed or not. If you feel terrified trading your working week for something unknown, or worse, something you don’t believe in behind a desk within four walls, you should instead start moving to something else.

Time to leave your job Maybe you’re dreaming of an office that overlooks the ocean. Perhaps you are jealous of your friends spending their day in a neighborhood coffee shop, being much more productive than what you are.

We all want more freedom in life. The thing though to identify, is what freedom means to you.

Freedom is something very personal and can vary a lot from person to person.

While figuring out what your true freedom is all about, read this article “How To Create Real Freedom In Your Life.” It will give you some useful tips on what path to take in the search for your freedom.

You’re frequently daydreaming about the freedom to plan your work on your terms. Well, if all these things continuously are popping up in your head then, do you know what? It might be the right time to leave your job!

#4. Leave your job if there is no remunerative progress for you

It’s true that money isn’t all in life. But in a traditional corporate position, it means a lot. You shouldn’t forget that after all, you’re trading your work for money. The monetary compensation is in some way a sort of qualification your boss is doing of your job.

If you notice that your salary isn’t increasing as it should, that is a sign of thinking about moving to something else in life. A definite sign to quit your job as soon as you can is if a colleague is doing the same type of work as you are doing, and is paid more than you.

As you can see from this article written by Melanie Pinola, there is not much power you can come up with, if your boss sidesteps by you in the salary race.

Often the fear of not finding something at least similar as what you’re working with today holds you back, and you continue suffering every single day. And I´ll tell you something: It’s not going to be better.

The fact that somebody else is doing the same work as you but with a higher salary is a soft and diplomatic signal from your boss, screaming out: Search for a new job!

If you don’t do anything, the next step most probably will be that you get fired.

#5. Consider seriously to leave your job if there are structural changes in your company

Consider to leave your jobThis is my favorite point, for two reasons:

  1. No one knows for sure what will happen to the payroll in the company, as employees only represent one single piece of the companies total number of variables to use when restructuring the organization
  2. Personally, I was involved in a substantial and quite dramatic structural change. The company I was working for was sold, my position disappeared, and consequently, I lost my job

When a company is being reorganized or reconstructed in any way, in most cases the payrolls will get affected. And the reason why is straightforward:

1)People do the work

2)The salaries mostly represent the most significant cost piece to take into account.

The good thing when my unemployment became a reality was that I had to search for something else to do actively.

The process was a wakeup call. Stop trading your knowledge and skills for money in a corporation!

The false package of a secure job, with a fixed monthly salary, kill your ambitions or at least fade out your willingness to try something less “secure.” In a short time, being employed isn’t the self-nominated alternative for personal growth. In fact, it’s all the opposite.

Leave Your Job And Then What?

Nowadays, everyone is talking about the gig economy. Recent research shows that between 20-30% of people in Europe and the U.S. are now self-employed.

With the fast developing online market, there are plenty of opportunities for all people who have the courage and the mindset to be accountable for their own future en wellness.

To try an online business in your spare-time gives you an excellent opportunity to stand on more than one leg for your personal development.

In today’s uncertain market you’ll be well prepared for any eventuality if you start developing your own business. In many cases, it doesn’t take a long time until the “spare-time” business becomes the main occupation. It delivers more revenue than your monthly “secure” salary, and it gives you total freedom.

The freedom to work on your terms and to be your own boss. Click the banner below and join the team and the freedom movement today.


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