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Using the correct tools for your online business startup can make the whole difference between failure and success. To be honest, when starting my online business, the importance of the tools to use was of less importance. Gosh, how wrong I was!

Steve Jobs is, for most people, an example of excellent entrepreneurship in all its dimensions. Thinking out of the box for every single topic is one of the characteristics of a real entrepreneur. As humans, we have a tendency to follow the crowds, with the argument that so many people can impossibly get wrong.

That is true in many cases but not always. As an entrepreneur, you need to know how to figure out the correct path, which isn’t always easy. But suppose you start up by thinking entirely out of the box. In that case, your possibility is enormous to end up with a unique and maybe fantastic idea.

As a young teenager, Steve jobs found an article in a scientific magazine where the most efficient species on earth were listed. When finding the humans first in the 4th place, “normal” people should just register the data as an exciting thing, and that’s it. Steve, however, was choked.

For example, the condor was number one on the list when moving one kilometer and consuming less energy than any other species. But when you then compare the human on a bicycle, suddenly, the human becomes 50 times more efficient than the condor.

This becomes the ignition to Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial journey, where he could view how tools can make the human superior. Tools will unlock any existing potential.


You are Surrounded by Tools

Think about it for a while. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you close your eyes in your bed at night, how many different tools are you using? And how many of these tools can you live without? I did the experiment and failed immediately when I was standing in front of the coffee machine, longing for my morning coffee.

We take many tools for granted without even thinking about them. However, when the electricity is cut or when the water supply fails, you get a reminder that your life depends on these tools.

It’s true that all tools available give a lot of power, but they also require responsibility

Now, we can take two different approaches to the reality of tool needs. You can take the passive path and just consume the information as something interesting and even funny. Or, you go for the pro-active approach. You get the information, and you get an insight. It will then turn into an idea, and maybe even as a mission and a project.

This second approach was the route Steve Jobs took. The article about the condor gave the creation of Apple as a direct consequence. It’s not a random coincident that Steve Jobs, in various interviews, used a phrase about his idea of Apple computers:

“A bicycle for the mind that unleashed humankind.”

Now you know the origin of that statement.


From Information to a Project with Tools for Your Online Business


Projects with tools for your online businessIn today’s world, you easily access any kind of information by just typing in a search word in Google. The opportunity to get any type of information, no matter gender, social belonging, race, age, or anything else, will not transform you into a new Steve Jobs.

You need to take the following steps:


  • Information to an insight
  • Insight into an idea
  • Idea to a mission
  • Mission to a project
  • Project to whatever you decide


Information and tools can change your world.

In a nutshell, the information and tools can change the way you view the world around you. The beauty of this is that following the 5 steps explained above, you can get a proper setup allowing you to change the world around you.

Going back thousands of years, the first primitive humans created tools to survive. For example, simple weapons like bows and spears were made for hunting animals for the necessary food intake.

Later in history, with the industrial revolution, the steam machine was invented to replace horses and make production more efficient. From there, we have to wait roughly 250 years until the digital revolution becomes a new step in human evolution.

When tools start to be available on the market due to the industrial revolution, there is a substantial obstacle. The tools are not available to everyone. They are expensive, and in many cases, they require a specific environment and set up to be possible to handle. The financial status and technical circumstances are the most common hurdles to allow every individual to take advantage of all existing industrial tools.

In the new digital era we live in right now, these financial and technical hurdles do not exist. With $100, you can start a business online, compared to the vast amount of money you need for a franchise business. Without the necessary knowledge of being IT experts just two decades ago, anyone can today technically manage to set up their own digital business.


Overcome the obstacles

Any era in human evolution has its own unique obstacles, or should I say problems. The digital age does not represent an exception in that aspect. As access to the digital business environment is so much cheaper than anything else in history, many fall into the trap of “laziness.” What do I mean by that?

“Work 10 minutes a day and become a millionaire.”

“Never work more in your life.”

“Become a millionaire in two months.”

….and so on.

The so-called scam market is making a considerable profit in the online market space. They all take advantage of people’s ignorance and “laziness.”

Have you read any book or article about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or any other famous and successful entrepreneur that worked 10 minutes a day? Whatever decision you’re taking in your life, never fall into these scammy traps!

The abundance of information and the significant number of tools available to your benefit are things that help you to evolve in the right direction. The way you decide to use the information and the tools will directly determine your level of success. It’s a choice you have to make.

At what level will you decide to be?


Make a choice

Since I started my online business 8 years ago, I have made all the mistakes you can think of. It cost me money and time, and I don’t want you to repeat the same.

Instead, if you are interested in learning how to use the correct information and tools for your online business, I highly recommend you check this.

It can be a full-time business as it is for me today. But it can also be a part-time business, as it was for me when starting. It’s an excellent opportunity to compliment your current salary with an additional income stream without interfering with your corporate job.

In these pandemic times, the traditional labor market is more uncertain than ever. Many have even lost their jobs. The beauty of this opportunity is that it allows you to work from home and be your own boss from day one. In fact, you can work from anywhere in the world. An Internet connection, and you’re in business.

If you belong to the group of “mature adults,” as I do, it could be that you are hit by a pension income far below what you expected. This opportunity will make a perfect fit for you.


All the Tools for Your Online Business in One Place


Tools for Your Online Business in One PlaceWhat will you get once logged in to our community:

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Over the years, I have not found one single issue or problem that can’t be solved within the system. It’s such a powerful platform, and for technophobes like me, it perfectly serves me.

If you still are with me in this emotionally written article, there is a workshop that is a must for you. In this workshop series, which by the way, will not cost a single dime, you will learn step-by-step to manage the necessary tools for your online business.

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