You should train for marathon running but not necessarily for the reason that you might think.

May sound weird, but I don’t believe that getting fit is the main benefit when you train for marathon running.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love being fit and in good physical condition as much as you do. But there is much more value in the activity when you train for marathon running than merely being more fit and getting a good physical condition.

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Even if I have been physically active whole my life, to train for marathon running in a serious way has only been on the agenda for ten years.

If you belong to the baby boomer generation, as I do, you probably remember when jogging became something “cool” to do.

Going back 50 years running wasn’t something that people were doing. If somebody went out for 3 miles run, it was something weird and far away from the ordinary.

The publication of “The Joggers Manuel” by William Bowerman” in the early 60th, was in a way the start for running as a popular physical activity.

Today running is one of the most popular physical activities around the globe. From being “reserved” for elite athletes, it’s today tricky even to get an opening to register to the most popular marathon races.


The Difference Between Jogging And To Train For Marathon Running

Get your shoes and train for marathon running
Get your shoes and train for marathon running

Without comparing other sports, running is probably one of the easiest physical activities to practice.

No need to depend on somebody else (as, for example, if you’re playing tennis, golf or doing any team sport.) You just decide to go out for a run, and as famous commercial slogan says: “Just Do It!”

You don’t need any facility of any kind. Open the door wherever you are in the world, and start running any street, path or camp.

It’s an inexpensive sport. Just invest in a pair of good running shoes, and voilà.

When I started to train for marathon running ten years ago, it wasn’t the marathon race as such that triggered me to take up this activity on my agenda. It was something much more profound and challenging and to be honest; I had problems to identify the real reason for myself.

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Now, after 20 marathons, 40-something half marathons and plenty of 10K races, finally I can identify the reason why.

Watch the short video below where I will reveal the three main reasons why I’m doing it, and without having any plans to stop.

Hey, maybe somebody will say (and to be honest, people are telling me this now and then), at your age (I’m 65) you can’t train for marathon running.

Who decides that?


Train For Marathon Running And Leverage With Your Entrepreneurial Passion

As you could see in the video, one of the most significant benefits to train for marathon running is that it enables you to transform into a better version of yourself. As a spin-off effect of that, you can become a better person for all the people around you.

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The community for my marathon training is a small group of “weird” humans who care not only about developing good physical condition and minds but also helping other people to achieve their goals.

Train for marathon running and become a winner
Train for marathon running and become a winner

The community for my online marketing works in the same way. We all help each other to develop our businesses successfully.

In both cases, running and business, our communities are filled with people who are challenging themselves to become better physically and entrepreneurial. It’s all about finding the correct path and pattern and then leverage it to the level you like.

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If you´re already a runner, keep on doing it. If you’re not, get started. To train for marathon running or practicing regular jogging, it’s your choice. Only you can decide what’s best for you. The important thing is to do something.

To become an independent online entrepreneur and combine your business passion with the rest of your life,


….and get started right away.

Is there any reason you should wait?

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