You Can Travel The World In Many Different Ways.

One common desire people have on their “dream list,” is to travel the world. Nowadays it’s much easier to travel. It is also becoming less expensive.

To travel the world is such a common desire from everywhere, that it almost is transformed to an obsession. On the other hand, there are so many products and services where the prices are falling and becoming more achievable than ever. And the question is, why do these products and services not falling into the same frame of highly desired products.

The answer you will probably find in the emotional part. It is much more emotional loaded to visit a virgin beach in the Carribean or get to know the culture of the local people in Nepal, than buying a new pair of glasses or new furniture to the living room.

Of course, glasses are necessary if you have a problem with your eyes. You also need new furniture if the old ones are falling for the age limit. And these products, to just take one example have experienced a dramatic price decrease over the last decades.

The secret about the desire to travel and get to know new countries, cultures, and societies, you can find in the human strive to experience emotional adventures.

Is “Travel The World” A Wrong Label?

Travel the world - wrong label
Travel the world – wrong label

It’s not a question of visiting as many different countries as possible. Rather it’s about getting as many different experiences as you desire.

The expression “traveling the world” gives a taste of chasing as many entrance stamps as possible in your passport. I know people who have visited 10 countries in less than 2 weeks. Without going deep into what they did during these two weeks, I know for sure that they didn’t see too much. And probably they learned even less about the countries they visited.

The quality of traveling cannot reach a high level if you don’t have a well-pronounced goal with the tour to a particular country.

I fully understand people from Nordic countries, where the summer days almost can be counted on your hand’s fingers, if they search for the sun, beaches and refreshing swims in a turquoise ocean. It’s nothing wrong with that and to be honest, I do it myself now and then. But in those cases, the goal is to find sunshine and beach adventures.

A Goal For Each Journey Makes It All Different

One journey - one goal
One journey – one goal

Not so long time ago my children asked me how many countries I know. For fun, we started to go through the globe and came up to 52 visited countries. It sounds like a huge figure, but analyzing the whole thing I would say that I only know 5 or 6 countries. Even if I have been to Hong Kong at least 20 times, I’m a bit ashamed to recognize that I don’t know this fantastic place filled with history and culture.

A business trip, as it was in most of my cases, has another purpose. On my to do list I have a visit to Hong Kong together with my wife. We want to see and experience the rich history this small tiny place can offer. So far, James Clavell’s books, Tai-Pan and Noble House, trigger my desire to return to Hong Kong within soon.

Latin American countries like Peru, Colombia, and Mexico (where I’m living right now) where I have lived for several years, gave me an opportunity to experience the countries in a completely different way than a tourist ever can do.

To learn about the Peruvian cuisine, which belongs to one of the best in the world, is something you not will know much about as a “normal” tourists. Or discover how words from Quechua, one of old Inca languages, have been imported into the Spanish language.

Figure out the horrible methods used by the Spanish conquerors 500 years ago, by visiting the original torture chambers in the old center of Cartagena de las Indias in Colombia.This is another example of what you have time to explore when living in the country.

Living in Mexico, we often take advantage of the numbers of beautiful beach resorts you’ll find along the entire Mexican coastline.

But we also can experience the variation of landscapes, climate, and cultures around the country.


Do Not Travel The World But Explore It

Travel the world or explore it?
Travel the world or explore it?

Recently we made a visit to the city of San Cristobal de las Casas, in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It’s a fascinating experience close to the border with Guatemala.

The goal for the trip was to dive deeper into the multicultural, indigenous cultures you will find in this area.

To enter the church of the Chamula Indians gives a fantastic experience of the old Maya culture mixed up with Catholicism introduced by the Spaniards 500 years ago.

Having got the opportunity to visit more countries than people in average, I do emphasize that the number of countries doesn’t mean anything. What counts are your experiences and what you learn from each journey.

San Cristobal de las Casas in the Mexican state of Chiapas is a frequently visited place by younger people. They are often backpackers with a reduced budget. But also upper age people are visiting this town. It’s people with interest to get to know about all the unique treasures this multicultural place can offer.

Located in the Chiapas highlands at nearly 7000 feet, San Cristobal de las Casas is always seen as a rather remote and mysterious place. It’s anything but an easy-to-reach destination for the time-pressed-traveler.

The Mayan heritage in the region gave rise to the modern-day Tzotzil and Tzeltal people.

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With the passion for this magic place, I just want to give you a brief glint of the exceptional experiences you can live if you seriously define the purpose of the places to visit while you travel the world.

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