What the heck, I’m turning 70! 


Turning 70, yes, it’s about to come within a few weeks. It’s not a surprise; I have seen it coming for some time. But, three days ago, when for the first time in my life being hospitalized for medical intervention, and the turning 70 thought popped up in my head.

Even if not a real surgery but “only” a cardiac catheterization, when lying on the operating table, the idea of getting old, turning 70, and similar stuff were passing review in my mind.

Fortunately, the intervention turned out very well, and yesterday I went out for a run to check my physical condition. Wow! Like a new body!

On one side, it’s good to have these unexpected happenings in life. They tell you that you’re not immortal. But on the other side, it can also give you a kick forward. In my case, as a passionate runner, I have been struggling for quite a while with my health. It has not been possible to train as planned, and thoughts like quitting my passion as a marathon runner have been more frequent.

Now, it has all changed. The marathon scheduled for later this year is more firm than ever. Turning 70, or whatever age you want, it’s not about throwing in the towel but doing the necessary maintenance of your body.

A physical disease or illness will impact a lot of things in your life. Your motivation might decrease due to worries, fear, or even anxiety. The relationship with others in your surroundings can be suffering; without that, you even notice it.


Turning 70 Could be a New Start


Turning 70 Could be a New StartThese last days have changed it all from doubting my own strength due to age. I’m now back where I used to be. Positivism and a “forward” attitude are back again. On the front page of my website, it says:


“Life is a gift – get the instructions.”


Nothing can be more accurate. Often we see life as a ready-made circle and accept it without questioning everything happening to us. The classical arguments about accepting age as the beginning of the end are too common. If you take care of yourself or how you should, turning 70, 60, 50, or 80 should be treated as a new start.

In an earlier article, examples of famous artists and celebrities show that age only is a number. It’s like a clock. Every year one more figure will add up on your age clock. Nothing you do anything about.


“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” 

– Mark Twain


However, where your engagement is crucial is in your aging. If you act like 90 years gentleman or lady, for sure, your aging performance will be like that. When Mick Jagger goes on stage to perform any of Rolling Stones’ famous rock gigs, does he act like a typical 78 years old man?


New Challenges When Turning 70  


New Challenges When Turning 70  When my 70th birthday is visible to happen before this month comes to an end, it also inspires new challenges in life. The marathon (will be my marathon number 25) later this year is passively waiting for my action. Now, it’s more active than ever, and the challenge is real.

As a retired individual (that’s how you’re labeled when turning 65), my online business is part of my wonderful golden age lifestyle. It allows me to work on my terms and what I love to do, helping like-minded people to find their best way of living when reaching the golden age.

In the community I belong to, with entrepreneurial people from all over the world, we are right now going through a Youtube challenge. A successful “guru” in the community teaches us step-by-step how to be successful with Youtube marketing. This new challenge would never be possible without the right mindset on how to deal with your age.

If you can relate to my story and are searching for something fantastic to do when retiring or about to enter retirement, please check my website for information. You will get information about how you can create your golden age lifestyle, the way that fits into your way of thinking and acting. There’s a plan for every individual desire. We are all different and we need different plans.

Click here, go to my website and find out which plan fits best for you.

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