Universal Basic Income gets attractive for you if implemented correctly 

If Universal Basic Income gets attractive enough, it will be due to the Coronavirus chaos we are living right now.

Traditionally, hot stuff like a Universal Basic Income (UBI) belonged to the agendas of the active labor unions. Today it’s different, as the most famous entrepreneurs around the world are talking about it.  

Initially, the task for the unions was to reallocate money from the wealthiest to the poorest. Today, it’s more like a re-engineering challenge to maintain an acceptable balance and distribution of available resources.

Many job positions are indeed going to disappear with automation. What we also are facing right now is a restructuring of the political forces. The automation and the acceleration of the digital implementations everywhere in our society make the politicians obsolete-like.

The Coronavirus epidemic acts like an accelerator. Universal Basic Income gets attractive as the situation we are living right now gives such visible evidence about all lost jobs.

Further, the necessary Stay-Home mode induces an in-depth reflection.  How to start over again when this nightmare is over.

The church lost its political power in the western world 500 years ago. The powerful kingdoms follow the same path. The democracies the politicians are managing are now undergoing a dramatic structural change.

Either they will change their way of representing the citizens, or they will disappear sooner or later.


What is UBI?


Before diving into the interesting and revolutionary topic of how Universal Basic Income gets attractive during this turbulent era, let’s define what it is and what it isn’t.

Watch the following excellent video that gives you an “in-a-nutshell”- explanation of what’s it all about.

Any political campaign these days, no matter if left- or right-wing candidates, they all promise new jobs. They do it because they know that it is one of the most significant concerns their potential voters have.

However, what they do when promising all these new jobs is nothing else than going for temporarily subsidized jobs, or they are delivering a big fat lie.


Universal Basic Income Gets Attractive To All People In The Economic Growth

Universal Basic Income Gets Attractive To All PeopleAccording to various researches, jobs worldwide will constantly disappear and replaced by robots or other automation. We are not talking about human job positions that will be gone forever.

All these figures are from periods before the pandemic. For sure, the virus effect will change them considerably.

While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts an average negative worldwide economic growth for 2020 by -3% of GDP, while the digital economic growth is expected to expand as never before.

The automation of all economies will imply fewer people to employ, as the machines will do the job. The traditional labor market will shrink substantially at the same time the number of independent entrepreneurs will increase.

The issue about a Universal Basic Income will be to the benefit of all people. In developing countries, extreme poverty will practically disappear. It will be a cost-efficient design, as there will be no need for administrations to complicate the process. The only requisite is to be a citizen of your country, and that’s it. Entrepreneurial people will get the incentive to take a step towards the project of their dream. The Universal Basic Income gets attractive as it will motivate people to create their own businesses and go independent.

At the World Government Summit in Dubai a year ago, Elon Musk talks about the Universal Basic Income. He expresses it as something that most probably will be inevitable to implement. Watch the video and go to minute 22 of the video to view this particular topic about UBI.


The Best Way For You To Benefit From A Universal Basic Income

Best way for you to benefitThe reality is that fewer people will work in the future. The tricky question of what Elon Musk raises is not related to money. It’s instead connected to how to keep the self-esteem up for people not having a job.

In many forums, the promotion of becoming an independent entrepreneur and working for yourself is the new way of living. Of course, money is essential, but living life as an entrepreneur goes far beyond the money related issues.

So far, Universal Basic Income gets attractive and implemented in countries like Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, and India. It even starts to be a political topic in election campaigns around the world. The formula is different from country to country, as still on an experimental level, but there is no doubt that this sort of guaranteed income is here to stay.

The self-esteem Elon Musk is talking about is something that not only can be kept by managing your own business, but it can also be improved and reinforced.

Today is your day!

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