Your video is more effective than any other communication


A video is more effective than a traditional book, magazine, or whatever text it could be. It comes down to 5 crucial points.

Without any doubt, and thanks to the fast digital development, videos are taking over almost everything.

In various previous articles, the speed of the digitalization of the world is a common topic. Somebody mentions the pandemic as a giant step by four years into the digitalization era. In one of my articles, the future digitalized world is already here.

This article will be an interactive one. You need to collaborate with me to see the final result and the conclusions.

Seriously, not so many took the video evolution with the attention it deserves. The truth is that the future will be very much video-based. So, pay attention.


By Paying Attention a Video is More Effective


By Paying Attention a Video is More EffectiveWhat you are going to do right now is to watch this video.


DON’T SCROLL DOWN to the continuing text if you want to be part of this first-in-a-lifetime experiment.

Click on the video right now!

Video grabs your attention

For sure, the first thing you notice is that I’m not an English-speaking native. Everyone can notice my broken English, with a Swedish accent.

It was a roadblock for me for quite a long time ago, until I watched a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well, the conclusion at the end of the video was that Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking without his German accent is not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s part of his brand.

The second thing you will remember is that in the video, the display with Attention was upside down.

Believe me, but an error by purpose is an old and proven way of getting people’s attention.

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text? People retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read.

Take as an example a famous book that you like and that also exists as a movie. Most people in the marketing niche have read “the Secret.” I have read it several times. But I have also seen the film. Getting some distance to the book and the movie, and suddenly you remember something essential from “the Secret.” When that happens to me, I always connect the book’s message with some sort of image.

And from where do I get that image?

From the film!


Video engages people

Have you ever come over a document with these tiny, almost invisible letters, legal text? You know that you have to read it because the information can be extremely important to you regarding responsibility or liability. Sometimes I get the impression that the text creator doesn’t want you to read it, as the content can be a potential risk that you” jump off the contract or whatever it can be.

Imagine if a sales letter should be written the same way. No one should read it!

It’s the other way around, and a well-done short video will engage more than any word on earth.


Video is more memorable

Has it ever happened to you that you are reading a book, and when coming to the bottom of the page, you have no idea about what you have been reading?

It happens to me quite often.

Studies show that a viewer retains 95% of the message in a video, compared to only 10% of a text message. Coming back to my example of “the Secret,” it’s easier to remember something when related to an image.


Video helps you to build trust 

All successful relationships have a fundamental foundation, called trust. No matter if a personal relationship, a love affair, or a business relation, when trust is established then, but first then, the door will be open for the next step.

Suppose you can look into somebody’s eyes. In that case, your gut feeling will tell you a lot and become an essential part of the process to decide if you’re going to trust that person or not.

It’s no secret that retail online is having its best year in history. The pandemic makes the purchase online a tool in your life. When I buy something online, I always want to research before I take out my credit card. We all use Google, but as YouTube belongs to Google, a video always pops up as an alternative on the first page for your investigation. Almost without exception, a presentation of the product on YouTube inspires me much more than any text.


Video displays nonverbal communication

When it comes to communication, nonverbal communication is an essential part of the message. You can divide nonverbal communication into two parts, the spoken word, and your body language.

The spoken word is much more than the word as such. It’s the tone or intonation you use to transmit the message.

If I say:

“He will DRIVE to Miami!”


“He will drive to MIAMI!”

You will not notice any difference between the two sentences if in writing. The observant reader will find some words highlighted and hopefully figure out the differences. But agree with me that nothing can beat a video shot—no confusion or wrong interpretation.

The other part is the body language. You will find many courses on the web about body language. We all know that your way of using your body unconsciously sends a message to your viewer.

So, how will you act? Continue to write or shoot a video?


Video is More Effective, Yes or No?


Video is More Effective, Yes or No?Did you see any difference by viewing the video first and reading the text after that?

You must think I’m kidding with you, but I’m not.

The cruel reality is that we all perceive images or videos differently compared to text. Text is necessary, images must be there, and videos are a must.

To put all this together and optimize your goal, well, that is your task. The good news is that there exist tools to put it all together in an efficient and optimized way.

Watch this final video and know what I have learned during my 7-years journey in the digital industry.


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