By using a teleprompter you will take your videos to a new level

Using a teleprompter or not divides the audience immediately into two different groups of opinions. There are two very defined opinions about the topic, using or not using a teleprompter.

There are without any doubt occasions when using a teleprompter not is the best option. However, for most people, marketers and non-professional actors, the time to get a good video uploaded on for example YouTube, can be reduced considerably by adequately using a teleprompter.

So, there are advantages but also disadvantages using a teleprompter.

This article will focus on three aspects that you need to know about before you go ahead using a teleprompter for your next video.

  1. How to acquire an inexpensive teleprompter
  2. What software to use
  3. Practical script tips making it easier when using a teleprompter for your videos

Using A Teleprompter Doesn’t Have To Be An Expensive Investment

Inexpensive using a teleprompter
Inexpensive using a teleprompter

Professional teleprompters in use at big events such as presidential speeches cost a lot of money and requires a quite complicated setup and configuration to work correctly during the speech.

For “domestic” use and giving a professional impression, it’s enough with a screen like the one of an iPad.

Place your iPad as close as possible to the lens of the camera shooting the video. With a certain distance to the camera and with some training, it’s close to impossible for your audience to notice that your eyes read the text on the screen instead of focus on the camera lens.

Once you have your teleprompter hardware, you need a software that can roll out the scripted text on your screen. There are many different software you can get for free on the Internet.

The free basic version will in most cases be sufficient, but by upgrading to a paid version, you will get access to a lot of different features.

There are three necessary things you need to get your script to work when using a teleprompter:

  1. You need to have a suitable text size. After all, you need to be able to read the text from your screen
  2. You need to be able to save your script on your iPad
  3. You need to be able to moderate the speed the text is rolling on your screen

Watch the following short video showing you how to work with your teleprompter

Using A Teleprompter Is One Important Way Of Improving Your Videos

When using a teleprompter the first time it took me quite long time to get the video to look the way I wanted. By trying a lot of different things, I finally got to the point where I feel that the video process is fast and provides the results I want.

Try yourself, and for sure you will come up with additional ideas and useful tips. As always, training will improve your skills. To start with the tips given in the video you will save time and can get your first teleprompter video ready already today.

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