With the vision and mission correctly established, the rest will fall in place like water trickling into a glass

Every single day you come across articles, podcasts and webinars talking about vision and mission. You’re fed up of all these vision and mission blogs and want to turn your channel into something else.

STOP! This is not going to be the same old stuff.

Based on my own failures and success with my vision and mission, I will show you with the same method, one of my best teachers at school explained complicated things, in a way that every single pupil could understand.

To be clear on definitions, let´s first define what a vision and mission really are.

Searching for quite a long time, the best explanation of the differences of vision and mission, I found on an Asian site for combating poverty.

With one single word, they explain vision by answering the question: Why? and What?

In the same manner, mission answers the question: When? and How?

In the video below, I will use a well-known method to show the importance of getting the vision and mission right from the very beginning.

Your Vision And Mission Represent The Foundation

A vision and mission is the foundation

A vision and mission is the foundation

The first time I saw this experiment live, I was speechless. It was a real, but a real ah-ha experience.

If we go back to the business you have or is going to create, do you have all the pieces correctly in place?

As an enthusiastic and “always on the run” entrepreneur, I did the big mistake to not put in the larger stones first. It cost me time and money.

Another way of viewing it is like a tree, where the root system represents the big stones, and the leaves the tactical stuff. Your tree will look quite different depending on how you approach the process.

After the vision and mission, the strategy and the tactics, there will be a lot of other important things to take into consideration.

For example, the values play a fundamental role in your success journey. Define clearly the values that are valid for your business, and stick to them.

With A Vision And Mission The Rest Falls In Place

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