Pros and cons of blogging or vlogging for Seniors


Vlogging for seniors is something new on the agenda for grown-up adults. A few years ago, we didn’t even know the word vlogging.

So, what is a vlog? In a nutshell, it’s blog content you share on a video. Vlogs are not fading out blogs but are perfect complements of each other. The first known blog post was published in 1994 by then-student Justin Hall. From there, the blogging business has grown into an industry worth more than U.S. $ 400 billion.

The first known vlog was published on the 2nd of January 2000, six years after the first blog. Before going into why vlogging for seniors is something that all upper-age followers of my blog should keep an eye on, let’s see the difference between a blog and a vlog.

As always, both blogs and vlogs have their pros and cons. You will probably do both, as they complement each other. This article is an example of that. By writing some text, it’s easier to explain the topic to the audience in a more structural way. As you will see in the video further down, it’s an excellent tool to show things and how it works in reality.


Pros and Cons of Vlogging for Seniors 

Pros and Cons of Vlogging for Seniors 

Most vlogs are published on YouTube. This social platform is constantly growing and is today the second most significant social media platform after Facebook.

According to the latest available figures, YouTube today has 2.6 billion users worldwide. It’s the second biggest search engine after Google.

Here are some more stats and according to figures provided by Viralyft

  • YouTube boasts an extensive user base of over 2.527 billion individuals worldwide as of April 2023.
  • India boasts the most significant number of active YouTube users, reaching an impressive count of 467 million individuals.
  • Mobile devices contribute to 88.9% of the total visitor base.

By the way, Google is the owner of YouTube, making this channel attractive from a marketing point of view.




  • Maintenance of a blog is relatively easy. If you need to update any information, you just edit and update the post
  • Blogging is a lucrative way to make money from affiliate marketing, direct sponsorship, etc.


  • A blog contains less visual content, and it could take time to understand the concept
  • A successful blog requires a lot of work with SEO, backlinks, etc., to optimize ranking in Google and other search engines




  • Vlog visual content is attractive and easily understandable
  • A Vlog doesn’t require much SEO optimization to rank the video
  • With the high speed of the Internet, people prefer to watch a video rather than written content


  • Complex with the maintenance of a vlog. You can’t update an old video but must create a new one.

In an article published three months ago, we went through in detail why seniors and YouTube make a good fit.

In the following video, I will give you 5 reasons why vlogging for seniors is something to consider seriously. At the end of the video, you will get 6 handy tips for your video creations on YouTube. You will get my personal tips on how to make it easy, inexpensive, professional, and profitable.


Vlogging for Seniors is no Rocket Science…but…


When I started my online business eight years ago, I was a complete newbie to everything. The community I belong to and have stuck to since then is pushing me forward, and today, I feel that I have a stable online business.

Vlogging for Seniors is no Rocket Science

This year I decided to go all in with YouTube and vlogging. Thanks to the training inside our platform, I could learn all you need to know about doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. 

Belonging to the group of grownup people who have reached “the 7th floor,” take my word for it. Vlogging for seniors is no rocket science but a gateway to profitable online affiliate business.

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