The way wealthy people think differently is open to anybody


Wealthy people think differently because of various reasons. In this article, we will analyze the five most important.

To start out correctly, let’s make clear that being rich and being wealthy is not the same. Having said that, I have nothing against rich people. Still, when most people dream of being rich, they actually mean being wealthy.

We usually mix it up because both “rich” and “wealthy” have to do with money. However, rich people try to earn as much as possible, while wealthy people think differently.

The way Paul Sullivan explained it in his article “Wealth Matters” in New York Times over a decade ago is an excellent definition of these two words. In a nutshell, Paul Sullivan’s explanation goes like this:

“Wealth can be defined not as a dollar figure but in terms of what your savings allow you to do.”

Building on this definition, I would divide wealth into four essential pillars:


1.- Money

Money is, of course, an ingredient in a wealthy lifestyle, but it’s wrong to put wealth equal to rich.

Take, for example, Michael Jackson, and Marilyn Monroe, to just mention two of them. They died both very rich, but do you think they were living a happy life? My point here is that you can’t buy happiness with money.

View money as a tool that can help you to be wealthy.


2.- Health

Health is an investment that can pay you huge dividends in your life. On the negative side, health insurance and medical bills are expensive. This could be a reason enough to stay healthy.

But there are also other benefits to consider.

On the positive side, good health boosts your brain power. Exercising and eating healthy food will keep your brain working to its highest potential.

Healthy people stay productive for a longer time. To make money, for example, takes a lot of energy. By cultivating good nutritional habits, your chances to earn money later in life become much more prominent.

Exercise is free. Nobody will charge you when taking a long walk. From there, you can extend to almost anything, even expensive sports like golf, horse riding, etc.


3.- Time

Time is an amazing resource. It’s the only 100% democratic resource. Whether rich or poor, black or white, female or male, we all have 24 hours every single day, not a second more or less.

It’s not a resource you can purchase, win or negotiate. You have 24 hours, and that’s it. From these 24 hours, you must deduct time for sleep, eating, and other activities that cannot be ignored. You have roughly 14 hours left.

Wealthy people look after they use these 14 hours most efficiently. This is one habit that separates wealthy people from the rest.


4.- Freedom

In the same way, you can’t buy time, and neither can you buy freedom. However, having enough money to not only cover your primary need, like food, clothes, and shelter, gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do in life.

The observant reader may now argue that under the first paragraph about “Money,” it says that you can’t buy happiness or wealth. But the difference is that wealth is not for sale. It’s something you achieve the same way you gain freedom.

When Wealthy People Think Differently They Focus on Two Areas

When Wealthy People Think DifferentlyTo focus on health and time, most of the work is done to become wealthy. This is the way wealthy people think differently.

They care for their health by eating correctly. Despite a fully booked agenda, they look after the exercise part as much as possible.

Time is probably the most crucial part where wealthy people think differently.

As time is a limited resource, only when you value your time more than you value the money will you be on a wealthy lifestyle track.

Having control over your time and the importance of health, it’s time to discover the 5 steps to earn money and achieve freedom. Watch the video and get them served on a silver platter.

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Health, Wealth and Wellbeing

If you are feeling broke today, look at your income and imagine you didn’t have to spend all your money on car payments, your house, and all other credit purchases you usually make during a month.

You aren’t that bad off anymore, right?

Getting this mindset right is the first thing to arrange in your journey toward a wealthy life.

Successful people know it’s not about how much you make but how you spend your money.


If Wealthy People Think Differently Let’s Design Something for You

If Wealthy People Think DifferentlyInvesting in yourself is crucial to design something that fulfills all the criteria to become wealthy.

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  • Become self-reliant and not dependent on anyone or anything to earn your living.

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