Learn how to manage life the best way when you get old


When you get old, things start to change. Everything from health, physical condition to wealth undergo changes.

Can you remember when you were a teenager and could sleep the whole night without the need to pee? When you get old, this habit change. Hair starts to sprout from your nose. Your body is less flexible. I can go on with more evidential changes, but I think that you’ve got the point.

Men get cranky on insignificant things like the remote control for the TV or who moved my pen from my desk. Women start arguing with the men. It all ends up in a ridiculous and stupid interchange of words full of emotions and positioning.

When you get old, life has a tendency to get sourer if you don’t do anything about it.

Let’s analyze senior life into four parts:

  • Physical aging
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Wellbeing


There are More Problems When You Get Old


More Problems When You Get OldOften the problems seem to pile up when you get old, and less you do anything about them. This uses to be the standard position among grown-up people. A problem that could be compared to a mosquito bite back in your younger days will now be more like a rattlesnake bite. The issues are the same, but you view them differently.


#1. Physical aging

The truth nobody can do anything about is that we all get older, and we all will die one day. But life turns out to be different depending on how you treat your body. 

Are you fully aware of what you eat daily and how it affects your body? It’s no rocket science. Just be careful with sugar and fat, and you are taking one crucial step to prolonging your life. If you add on some sort of physical activity, your body will thank you when you get old.


#2. Health

Physical aging is well connected to your health and how you eat and exercise. It could be challenging to change your way of living when you get old, but if you are motivated and can see the benefit of doing it, just do it.

Search for any program on the web that suits you to get your food intake in order. Do not use the word diet, as it has a negative touch, and at this stage in life, we should avoid everything without positive features.

As a runner (I’m obsessed with this activity), I have the physical training already involved in my “health program.” But you don’t need to be a runner to accomplish your physical activity. Include a morning walk as a habit to get your daily dose of physical activity. During the walk, you can listen to your favorite news broadcast or podcast, and you will not feel that you’re “losing” time.

What is good health?

Already in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health like this:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Whatever you do to give your health a positive push, adopt it as a severe life habit and not only when the belly fat grows out of your control. 


#3. Wealth 

Curious, but the two words “Health” and “Wealth” are almost the same. Only one letter makes the difference. The truth is that health and wealth are very much tied together.

If we look at how wealth is defined, it seems to be a more blurry one. Checking out what all experts say, this is the closest I come:

“Wealth is an individual’s or household’s net worth.”

Referring back to WHO’s statement above, the clarification they made in 1986 shows more clearly the connection between health and wealth.

“A resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.”

Merging the two words, Health and Wealth, let’s call it for Wellbeing. In the latest statement by WHO, they include personal resources as a part of health. In the wealth definition, “household’s net worth” is something new WHO includes as part of health.

When you get old, your health can be perfect, but you’re struggling with your wealth. When getting into retirement, the reality for many is that the income is changing dramatically.

In one of my previous articles, you’ll get some practical tips on how to increase your income. Take it seriously, and don’t let lack of money affect your wellbeing.


#4. Wellbeing

Don’t worry if you couldn’t see the connection between Health and Wealth until now. It took me several years to get the necessary ahaa experience.

It’s not about getting rich, and it’s not about being an athlete. Wellbeing is about how you perceive your own situation, fulfilling your expectations. On one side, you’ll find your skills and resources, and on the other side, you’ll have all your challenges in life. When these two sides are in balance, your wellbeing is optimized.

To eat differently is just to make a decision and let it happen. Your physical activity you can also do quite easily without additional resources more than your personal willingness to make it happen.

What about creating extra income streams, then?

Check this short video, and learn how I made it when approaching the retirement age.

As seniors, the advantage we have is that the opportunities never before have been so abundant. We are all referring back to our earlier stages in life. Back then, it was all much more static. It was challenging to get an extra job as a retired and forget about starting your own business without huge investment capital.

The digital development we have seen in the last two decades is changing the scenario, and today more seniors than ever are doing business online. In a few words: your path to wellbeing is more promising than ever.


The Perfect Extra Income Stream When You Get Old


Perfect Extra Income Stream When You Get OldTo be honest with you, when reaching retirement, I was in shock when getting clear on my financial status. The lifestyle I had been accustomed to had to be dramatically downgraded if I didn’t do anything about it.

As a typical baby boomer, not having the privilege to have been born with an iPad and iPhone in my hands, the digital world was something that didn’t resonate with me. But then I came across something that is changing everything.

It’s not that flashy “get-rich-quick” lies, but a professional system and platform, taking from A to Z. You can do everything at your pace. Take advantage of your personal interest and make a business of it.

To fit into the wellbeing concept, so important when you get old, you can work when you want and wherever you want. You need a laptop and an Internet connection, that’s all.

Now, and it might seem strange, I’m not going to push you to join the same platform as me. In fact, it’s not for all. You need to have passion for what you’re going to do once joining this group of enthusiastic online entrepreneurs.

If you have read this article to this point, the only thing I will do is to recommend you to grab your free video series. You will get an in-depth explanation of how all this works. In the end, it’s your decision to take the next step.

If you would like to give your wellbeing a chance, click here or the box below, and you’re on your way.

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