If you hate Mondays, you can fix it in three easy steps


To hate Mondays is a “disease” many are suffering from. And it doesn’t happen once but every single week around the year, except on public-holidays-Mondays.

The thing is that you can make a change already today. It’s not only a question about whether you can do it or not but that you’re the only one who can do it. Get to know the “formula” and stop cheating yourself.

Forget about hating or disliking certain days of the week. Monday represents 12.5% of your life. Why should you suffer these days when you instead can love the same days by implementing a few simple but powerful steps into your life?

The traditional way of life done by the majority is to get an education and a job and trade your time and knowledge for a monthly paycheck. My previous article discussed the monthly salary as a “drug.” Without even noticing it, you are into the hamster wheel, where the money becomes the “drug,” and you get addicted to it.

No one using drugs like the vicious circle they are in, but they lack the knowledge or courage to quit it. Most people who hate Mondays do not even like their job, but in a way, money is the driver…” the drug.”

Not necessarily you have to hate your job. Still, according to a Gallup survey, 66% of employees worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job.

The lack of satisfaction with the job is the primary reason to hate Mondays, and the syndrome is growing bigger. The typical response and the solution’s standard intent is to change employment. It sounds good as a theory, but how easy is that, especially in these times of hyperinflation and post-pandemic?


Do Not Quit Your Job if You Hate Mondays!

Do Not Quit Your Job if You Hate Mondays!Without being aware of it, I disliked my job when starting my online marketing journey. What kept me going on was a good income and other exciting fringe benefits. But my passion for what I actually was doing wasn’t on the high side.

Typical “trading time for money” victim!

To take action and quit your job is a huge step holding many back from making it happen. Keeping your job while doing something else part-time seems to be a “safe way” to go.

Your time is limited as you continue your corporate job and bring in money to cover your monthly costs. Later, when going full-time with your other activity, you can expand your business into other areas. The possibilities are literally unlimited.

In my case, I found out that affiliate marketing is the way to break the “hate Mondays”-syndrome. You don’t need to worry about products, warehouse, sales, or anything else you must do in a traditional offline business.

Figure out how the online affiliate system can change your life. Click here or the banner below. To hate Mondays is a choice you make, but this is a way to start loving every single day of the year.

The statement, “Today is a good day to die,” has been used for many different occasions. Let’s rephrase the quote and say:

“Today is a good day to start a new lifestyle.”


 The “Formula” Will Help You not to Hate Mondays Anymore        

The "FFormula not to Hate Mondays Anymore     At firstI will probably disappoint some of you reading this. The fact is that there is no magic” formula” to start liking Mondays or any other day of the week.

Take any activity you do regularly and that you like to do. You’ll find that such activity already fulfills the 3 steps that follow.

#1. You need to find the reason – your “why”

Do you remember when you were at school? There were classes you loved, and then there were classes that you hated more than anything else on this earth.

Think about it for a while, and you will probably find that for the courses you hated, you didn’t see the “why.”

In my case, there was one particular topic I didn’t like very much, but I put in much effort anyway. The reason I did it was because I knew the “why.” The knowledge during those classes was necessary for what I would like to do in life.

This your “why” not necessarily means that you like the topic. Instead, you need to be convinced that you need to add something to your life for whatever reason it could be.

You need to be 100% convinced that you need to add something to your life. It has to be an activity that will drive you to do something different. In many cases, we accept life as

it is and, in a certain way, try our very best to “suffer through” the time we

are staying on this planet.

How to understand your why

You need to know and understand your “why.”

In the case of your work, to hate Mondays has nothing to do with Monday but how you relate to your job in general. The “why” driving you to do what you’re doing is money-related. You need an income to survive.

We can decide if we want our lives to be like that, or like me, who never would accept a “suffering-plan,” search for something that will help get a change in place.

When I found that something had to change, I started to surf around on the Internet. I could never imagine that I would become an online marketer within a short time.

Fortunately, I didn’t fall into the trap of the false and scammy “get-rich-quick” schemes. Still, I could focus on a system and platform that would bring me to an entirely new mindset.

It’s not only a question of stopping to hate Mondays but doing something every day that will be a real passion of yours.

This brings us to the second point in this little “find-yourself-analysis-journey.”

#2. You need to have a passion for what you are doing

Without a passion, you will get bored pretty soon and, as a consequence, tired and reluctant to do what you are doing.

I will never promise you that the online business with the system I’m using or any other platform will attract you, make you start liking Mondays, and change your life.

We are all different. However, it is worth giving it a try if you don’t have anything else in the pipeline that will blow your mind toward the land of passions.

After all, we are talking about a very modest investment compared to the cost of starting a company a few decades ago.

#3. Let the money work for you

It might sound like a cliché, but to let the money work for you is the third and necessary piece you need to get your new life “formula” to work.

Throughout my life behind me, I have continually been trading my work for money. What does this mean? You will get paid a pre-decided amount of money for a specific job or a certain number of hours of work.

It’s a traditional selling-buying process, which is the standard model for a relationship between an employer and an employee.

Whatever we want to do with our lives, some sort of income is necessary to materialize any of our dreams,….like it or not. If we try our very best to do something that will generate money and, at the same time, be a passion, we have a different scenario.

Money and passion

Whatever you do in life,

true passion will generate money,

…..for you in one way or another.

Of course, there are well-paid employees everywhere. But usually, their high-income results from a considerable number of working hours per week. Their unique professional skills and knowledge are needed by the employer. This group usually is so-called “workaholics” and will never have time to do anything else but work.

The nice thing with online business and a strategy where you invest your earned money in such a way that it starts to work for you is that you can be wherever you want without

losing the grip on your business.

A laptop and Internet, and you are “at work.”

The working place can be at home, maybe with your children and grandchildren. It can be at the beach resort of your preference. Perhaps you would like to explore new countries on the journey of your dreams, or wherever you prefer.

Warren Buffett says:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

This powerful statement means that you, in a way, need to find a system to earn money on “autopilot.” In online business, this is called residual income.

You attract a customer who signs up for your service and is paying a monthly fee to continue as a subscriber.

Putting together online business and residual income, affiliate marketing is, without any doubt, the easiest and fastest way to start and grow such a business.


The conclusion, Stopping to Hate Mondays 

Stopping to Hate Mondays 

Of course, there are many other recommendations to pay attention to. Still, the 3 steps revealed in this article are mandatory to achieve a change in your way of living.

Being a member of our community will give you a huge opportunity to learn new things daily.

Online entrepreneurs will have an essential role in any society with the new world order coming after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Starting an online business is something anybody can do today. Affiliate marketing is the icing on the cake, giving you a unique opportunity to start living a life that so far only exists in your dreams.

Click the banner below and try it out yourself already today!

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