Every significant evolution is surrounded by unexpected changes often with the intent to defeat it by at least one big fat lie.

The recent presidential election in the United States is historical from many points of view. Whatever side your political conviction belongs to, we can all agree on that this year’s presidential race had very few dull moments. Almost every day you could find something that caused a reaction in some way.

It was like a thrilling soap opera, where you look forward to the next episode you don’t want to miss under no circumstances.

At the same time, the campaigns were surrounded by vague statements from both sides. When the evolution of the race develops in such way, you start to question more frequently what is the truth and what is a lie.

The engine of a countries development, the economy, got a very reduced space for issues like unauthorized e-mail transmissions and sexual assaults. Of course, these topics are relevant and annoying. But what happened to the economic future of a country that has a public debt close to non-payable?

Politicians are always politicians and behave as politicians. They deal with uncomfortable topics either by saying a lot of things without “saying” anything or delivering a lie.

Surprisingly, the candidate not coming from the political environment gave a lie on the same topic. Who knows if it’s the same classic political lie or if he doesn’t understand how the future world will look like?

Lie Or Die.

Lie or die
Lie or die

The jobs seem to be such an infected topic, that either you have to lie about it or you are out of the battle. From one point of view, the approach is understandable. You as a voter don’t want to hear that 1000 of jobs will disappear.

Both candidates promised more jobs if they got the opportunity to run the country as the next president. In a nutshell and I do agree that with a very “black-and-white” description, one should create new jobs by cutting the taxes and the other one by raising the taxes. And this 180-degree difference doesn’t make it easier for the voter to understand the topic.

Of course, you can create temporary jobs by subsidizing constructions and other public engagements. But none of the candidates talk about the change in the labor market. Is it because they don’t know about what actually is happening? Is it because they don’t believe in what is going on? Or do they not know to handle the topic, and lie to keep their potential voters happy?

The World Economic Forum estimates that five million jobs will disappear by 2020. They also state that the figure is conservative.

Every Revolution Pushes People Out Of Their Comfort Zone

As humans, we like to live a comfortable life. The majority of people dislike a life or situations that are difficult to recognize from earlier experiences in life.

Therefore, the standard procedure to achieve a balance in your life, with an income to afford a reasonable life, is well established in your childhood. The same pattern continues throughout the education years and later the career as a professional.

A corporate position with a “safe” remuneration package is still the dominating lifecycle path. You accept the no reachable life of your dreams.

“It’s for rich people, and not for me.”

You accept it with your “safe” income as the counterpart.

The digital revolution in full swing since some years ago is shaking the whole system. Even if you have an excellent education, it can be difficult or even impossible to find the job position corresponding to your career. Why? Because the job doesn’t exist anymore.

Politician or not, if you don’t recognize this reality and at the same time are facing millions of potential voters screaming for new jobs, you need to lie not to run out of the race.

Dinosaurs Will Always Disappear.

Dinosaurs die
Dinosaurs die

In a recent study made by Online MBA comparing Walmart and Amazon, the size of Amazon’s payroll (number of employees) is only 1.6% of the one of Walmart. Walmart is still the biggest company when it comes to revenue, but according to the study, Amazon will surpass the income of Walmart within the next 7 to 8 years.

The keywords are automation and digitalization.

Uber is another case showing how a whole business segment can change approach by applying automation and digitalization.

According to Business Insider, Yellow Cab, the largest traditional taxi company in San Francisco, will file for bankruptcy protection.



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Like it or not, the only way to prosper in this new environment after the digital revolution and its one direction tsunami-like wave, is to jump up on the digital train as soon as ever possible. The “dinosaurs” will be in extinction and die out.

The good and exciting thing with the digital revolution and all the opportunities popping up is that it will reorganize and take into account the entire society.

Your mentality says that any good idea to develop requires massive amounts of investment capital. It was a reality many years back and is still valid if you are thinking about a franchise business.

There are examples of people financially totally broke, who have achieved great success and changed their lives completely. An entrepreneurial mindset, not daring to work outside your traditional comfort zone and a couple of hundred of dollars is all you need.

No excuse is valid; nationality, gender, age or anything else.

The Internet is the new marketplace belonging to the future. This is the reality. Don’t let the “dinosaurs” lie to you. Don’t disappear in the digital tsunami that is moving fast and with more power every day, but join the digital life and surf on the wave

When are you going to join in?


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