Will Santa survive the most aggressive attack since his creation?

He is the world’s most recognizable fictional character, but will Santa survive the change we are facing right now?  Everything is becoming digital, even Christmas.

Red costume, ruddy cheeks, white beard, cheery voice and an all over charm, no-one will move these attributes from our loved Santa. However, as Christmas has become one of the most important commercial seasons, Santa will survive for sure, as he represents a distinguish “collaborator” to all retailers making real money out of the Christmas commerce.

What is new, though, is that Santa has gone high-tech.  Today it’s all about things like web landing pages, smartphone apps, with much more to come.

The digital development seems to make anything possible to let Santa be up-to-date on all new creations in a fast growing technical world.

Although Santa not will disappear physically, as the meeting with him still is the biggest emotional moment for all kids, he’s rapidly adapting to his new digital environment. Now we have a more digital Santa who relies on GPS to navigate his way to all children, which he, of course, has scheduled in his iPhone.

Plenty of websites makes it easy for children (and parents also) to be in contact with Santa. For example, there is a site where all children can get daily text messages and much more from Santa. Of course, Santa has his Facebook and Twitter accounts, YouTube channel, and all the rest.


Santa Is A High-Tech Freak


High-tech Santa

High-tech Santa

The commercial world doesn’t lose one single moment to promote their businesses, service and products through their promotor No. 1: Santa Claus.

With the endless ideas and new technical apps adapted to this extraordinary Christmas promotor, the question “will Santa survive” shouldn’t be subject to any doubts.

If a fictional character like Santa Claus is undergoing a constant digital modulation, it is a clear sign towards where we are heading. It turns out that not even the sky is the limit for the modern Santa.

Will Santa survive, should by now be considered as an irrelevant question. Who would like to get rid of a multi-billion promotor?

Without thinking about it, there are plenty of “Santas” out there who have done their work. They have climbed the digital wave and started to surf on a new ocean, the Digital Ocean.

What about Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, known as the father of Facebook, Elon Musk, mostly recognized for the creation of PayPal, to just mention a few successful entrepreneurs?

Although active in different niches, they all have in common to view the future and visualize the opportunities waiting for them ahead.


Will Santa Survive Together With You

Survive together

Survive together

Christmas is a good time to reflect on where you are in life. And most important, to figure out towards where you are heading during 2017 and the next years to come.

Of all the profiles described in this article,  the challenge to face is how you will survive the digital revolution. It doesn’t matter if a fictional or real persons.

Often we view things at an enormous distance; a kind of “you” and “them.” The reality is that we all are living in a digital environment. Like it or not, but you can either take the “dinosaurs route” or the digital route of the modern Santa Claus.

The world continuously is facing economies with more automation and fewer job opportunities. However, never before so many people have taken the opportunity to get into the online business environment.

It has never been so easy to start your own online business. No massive investments, perfect for newbies, no technical skills needed.

 Ring the bell (click on it) and join Santa to be a passionate online entrepreneur.

Christmas Bell

Merry Christmas!

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