With a winning attitude you can make close to miracles

A school book example of a winning attitude made noise immediately in the FIFA World Cup 2018. Mexico beats Germany 1-0!

According to statistics, records, experience, well, whatever you want, the victory for Germany was almost granted before the match even started. However, the winning attitude of the Mexican team put everything “upside down.”

The happiness among all Mexican fans didn’t know any boundaries. The Mexican Institute of Geological and Atmospheric Investigations registered a ground movement immediately after the winning goal against the defending champion.

Never ignore a winning attitude, if it can shake the earth!

The match between the two nations has been analyzed in all possibles ways. Of course, there is a well-defined strategy behind the game of the players, but in the end, it all boils down to every single player’s winning attitude.

It’s not the first time we see a match, battle, or challenge, where the weaker party wins. It happens in different sport activities and also in other areas like business. In a way, entrepreneurship is something where you have to fight against the stream in many aspects.

The famous example of Thomas Edison who tried and failed hundreds of times before finding the correct combination for his electrical bulb is only one out of thousands. What do you need to do then to get that essential winning attitude?

As a passionate marathon runner, I have found a fantastic activity that I can use to leverage my passion for online marketing as an independent entrepreneur. Both activities have in common that they force you to have a winning attitude; otherwise, your goals will not be achieved.

The Winning Attitude To Be Glued Together

Winning attitude glued togetherTo run 10k or even a half marathon everyone with a decent physical condition can do without any significant hassles. To run a full marathon (42.2K or 26.1 miles) requires more than a good physical condition.

The same goes for entrepreneurship. All people with the right education can take up a job position and perform to your employer’s satisfaction. To do the same thing, being your own boss and taking all risks, requires more than an appropriate education and knowledge.

So, what does it really mean to have a winning attitude?

In the following video, you will get some hints about what it takes to get a winning attitude.

The glue to construct your winning attitude contains the following ingredients:

Challenge your mentality: With proper training, you can entirely rely on your preparation and challenge your mentality to do something you’ve never done before. You have the preparation, and now it’s just a question of letting it happen.

Strengthen your sense of self-worth: Most probably the Mexican players were indoctrinated by their coach that in spite of being the world champions, the Germans are human beings just like you and me. Talk to yourself and tell yourself about the high value that you have as a person in the upcoming challenge.

More opening and opportunities: With the two previous “glue ingredients,” you will automatically get more openings when starting the work. With a winning attitude, you will see the opportunities everywhere. Grab them!

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To Have A Winning Attitude Is Not For Everyone

Winning attitude - not for everyoneIf you feel that you can mobilize the necessary winning attitude and at the same time would like to break free and become the one living the life of your dreams as an independent entrepreneur, then you should try out the same system and platform I’m using to leverage my other passion as a runner.


….to become an independent online entrepreneur and combine your business with the rest of your life, is one of the most challenging steps you can take in life, and it’s only for….


…prepared to shake the earth!


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